Electromagnetic interference or EMI- often termed as radio-frequency interference or RFI- is a disturbance created by an external source affecting an electrical circuit. It can disrupt sensitive equipment, electronic devices, and systems used for critical applications such as the military, the medical sector, mass transit systems, navigation and vehicular control systems, industrial touch screens, aerospace electronics, and more.

What causes EMI? The answer is more than one reason, both natural and man-made. Fortunately, with EMI shielding gaskets (mechanical devices used to protect electronics from EMI) gaining traction, EMI or RFI should not be a bother anymore. If you are considering EMI enclosure shieldings, 3G Shielding Solutions can help you with that. But first, below are the reasons why you should consider EMI shielding:

EMI Shielding Benefits

With new innovations flooding the market daily, a wide array of electronics have been exhibiting a potential for interference and subsequent damage unless properly shielded. With EMI shielding, the aim remains isolating the energy of the device to ensure it does not impact whatever is around it and keeps the external energy from attacking. Most new electronic devices emit a certain amount of electromagnetic energy with no resistance to EMI.

A thorough understanding of EMI will tell you that it can affect the surroundings in various ways, influencing the electronics that are in contact (also called ‘conducted EMI’), in close proximity minus direct contact (known as ‘capacitive’ and ‘magnetic EMI’), or over large distances (termed as ‘radiated EMI’).

Here are some negative impacts of EMI:

  • Distorted or jammed signals received by all communication devices
  • Unexpected power outage, fluctuations, or electrical fast transitions (EFT)
  • Decreased lifespan and functionality of electronic systems
  • Complete electronic circuit failure and/or damage
  • Risks of electric shock and/or burns
  • Potential source of ignition

The progress of this information age has been driving increased usage of electronics for the purpose of data processing and communication. This results in considerable pollution in the electromagnetic wave spectrum, notwithstanding the disturbances propelled by electrical transmission or/and distribution systems along with natural phenomena like lightning strikes or solar flares.

Why Choose Us?

We, at 3G Shielding, provide PCB shielding solutions to leading access point manufacturers and base stations, operating across a wide cross-section of technologies and frequencies. Ranging from outdoor-mounted high-speed networks to indoor-based coverage enhancement, we provide comprehensive solutions for all wireless network access points. With our multi-cavity solutions, even the tightest physical configurations offer the expected performance levels for a life-long, reliable operation.

3G Shielding supports central office as well as end-user devices like wireless and satellite modems, wireless terminals, scientific devices, precision GPS receivers, wireless routers, test instruments, radio modules, marine transmitters, and other electronic appliances needing PCB-level shielding for both performance and compliance reasons. Need help with EMI shielding? Get in touch with us now to understand our work ethics and services. Our experts can help clarify any doubt you might have. If you are new to the industry, there’s no better place to start than 3G Shielding Solutions!