A Cyclist’s Buyers Guide


Have you searched the web trying to find something? Did you feel overwhelmed by all the information you received? Well, I’ll do my best to give you a guide on where to find a deal on any type of bike gear.

There are many places where you can find a bargain. This article will be divided into three main parts based on the main methods of obtaining a contract. Here are three main topics or areas. There are two primary articles that I am talking about that can be obtained by going online or at the dealer itself.

  1. Local vendors
  2. Big box retailers
  3. Places of sale

For a local retailer these people have anywhere from one shop to many shops and in the nearest town/city or towns/city. Sometimes these businesses have a web presence but not all do.

You can find lower prices at these retailers often around changing seasons or changing model years. If you are a good customer or have built a good relationship with the manager or owner you can get deals all year round.

Big box stores are large national/international stores. These stores can sometimes give you a deal on the local guys because of their buying power. Sometimes you can get a lower price here if you buy during the change of season or change of model year. I’ve seen discounts as good as 60 – 75% at big box retailers especially on bikes.

My favorite place to shop anytime is at auctions. There is a system for selling sites though. Auction sites are similar to search engines. What I mean by this is that if you put in a broad term, like sunglasses, you get a large number of articles on the back. This may seem extreme. If you get a large amount of text in the background you should put a really important key, like Oakley sunglasses. Doing this will focus your search and get you clear and relevant articles.

Another thing about auction sites to remember is that many items you see listed do not have shipping included in the price. It’s not unusual to see higher shipping costs for products, so be careful. Not all plans are new. If you are looking for a new shopping center this may not be for you.

The key to not overpaying for a product on an auction site is: first be patient and second consider that the same item will go to a regular store, including shipping. Some people will pay more for something than you can get in a store. I have seen it happen many times.

In conclusion, always shop before you buy. Don’t believe that auction sites can always give you the best deal. When shopping online find out what you’re willing to pay, including shipping, before you go shopping.

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