AZ-204 is one of the trending and most subscribed Azure Certifications. It is the key to the path of becoming a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer. Read below to understand all about the AZ-204 Microsoft Certification. 

Objectives of the AZ-204 Certification Exam

Every AZ 204 certified Azure Developer would have in-depth knowledge in several aspects of Azure development solutions, all of which are mentioned below:

  • To build and develop Azure cloud solutions efficiently.
  • Creating Azure applications and services. This includes a detailed study of Azure applications architecture, third-party services, etc., starting from the basics.
  • Learning how to ensure whether the solutions are end-to-end and well optimized.
  • Getting an idea about all the different Azure application services to make better Azure development solutions, monitor them well, and quickly identify any bugs or troubleshooting in the answers.
  • Basic idea about Azure cloud security measures to develop reliable cloud solutions and also protect the system.

Advantage of getting AZ-204 Azure Certification

AZ-204 is one of the top Microsoft Online Courses and can help people hone their technical and professional skills. Some of the advantages of this certification are:

  • AZ-204 certification gives you a solid foundation for a strong career in Microsoft Azure.
  • The certification can be considered the start of the learning curve and a great source to upgrade skills for people working in all fields of Microsoft Azure, be it Azure Developer, Azure Admin, Azure Security Admin, or even Azure Architect.
  • If you are AZ-900 certified, AZ-204 is the next step to acquire comprehensive Azure cloud solution skills.
  • As one of the best Microsoft Certifications, it can help you increase your Azure Developer skills for any job you take.
  • This certification teaches all the basic and intermediate level skills needed for becoming a certified Azure DevOps Solutions expert.
  • Microsoft Azure Solutions, Architecture, and Services are currently used by hundreds of small companies and top MNCs; hence getting AZ-204 certification increases your demand as a Microsoft Certified Professional.
  • Makes you well-suited for different job positions that require the capabilities of an Azure Developer.
  • With the increase in demand comes a hike in salary. AZ-204 helps you land in high-paying and also comparatively better job opportunities.

Prerequisites for AZ-204 Certification

For taking the AZ-204 exam or even understanding the concepts asked during the examination, specific skills and real-time experience are essential. All these prerequisites are mentioned on the official Microsoft website, under the certifications division. The prerequisites that have to be ticked in your checklist are:

  • 1-2 years of experience with Microsoft Azure
  • Experience in designing and developing cloud computing solutions.
  • Must have insights about all actions related to Azure cloud solutions, from developing and testing to debugging, securing, and monitoring.
  • Should be familiar with all Azure applications, services, APIs, SDKs, and instances in the fields of storage, security, computing, etc.
  • Must possess complete knowledge of at least one of the programming languages used by Azure developer – C#/ or Python.

Who Should Take the AZ-204 Exam?

AZ-204 exam is considered to have intermediate level difficulty when compared with the several Microsoft Certification exams. The exam does not delve too deep into any of the Azure fields. Hence, the people who want to get this certification are acquired by people belonging to several different fields and have a pretty broad scope.

  • Freshers who have an interest in the field of cloud development.
  • Anyone with experience in Microsoft Artificial Intelligence, Azure cloud computing, or software development.
  • People with experience in any one of the fields of Microsoft Azure.
  • Anyone with interest in Azure cloud architecture and developing solutions.
  • People with experience in dealing with cloud administrators and clients to secure, handle and maintain already designed Azure cloud applications and software.

AZ-204 Exam Pattern

The AZ-204 examination partially needs preparation and partially needs experience gained over 1 or 2 years or more. Like the other Microsoft Certification Courses, the exam is conducted once a year in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, etc. The official notification about the exam can be seen on the Microsoft website.

Before the exam, Microsoft offers free, online material to study and get an idea about every aspect asked in the exam. Apart from that, online courses are suggested to get more familiarized and get more knowledge about each of these topics from an exam perspective. Many online platforms also offer programs for Microsoft Certification Training, especially for AZ-204 certification. In such programs,  in-depth insight is given about all the different aspects of the examination.

Key points of the examination pattern:

  • The exam is for 2 and a ½ hours, and the minimum percentage required to get certified is 70%.
  • The number of questions asked is somewhere between 40 questions – 60 questions.
  • The questions can be of different types in the  MCO form. You need to choose the correct option by dragging and dropping.
  • The exam is conducted in 2 modes – online in a given center or at home or office with a good internet connection.
  • An examination fee of $165 has to be paid for writing the exam.

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