Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the entertainment industry has been booming. Over 40% of the population saw an increased intake of popular media. With such engagement and demand, the entertainment industry has become competitive, witnessing the frequent release of new games, videos, advertisements, and films. 

Media has audio and visual components, and a Music supervisor is responsible for managing the auditory component. In the world of media and content creation, music supervision plays a crucial role. However, for new creators, this may seem daunting and complicated. Worry not because this guide details how to go about choosing music supervision services

What is Music Supervision?

The services of music supervisors extend from a single media file to the overall project. They analyse the visual media and select auditory components that best fit the video. They choose audio files from preexisting music available, and one should not mistake them for composers. Their duties include choosing film music or background music for advertisements.

How Are Music Supervisors Qualified?

Many aspiring music supervisors begin by realising where their interests lie and nurturing their skills. Many universities offer Bachelor’s degrees in music supervision and related media development and creation. After acquiring a degree, many obtain internships under established music supervisors to kickstart their careers. After building their portfolio, they start offering their services as a Music supervisor. 

Music supervision companies manage every aspect of the project, making it more efficient and less time-consuming. 

How Does One Reach Out to Music Supervisors?

Music Supervision services are competitive. Freelancers actively seek out projects on various platforms and are best for newer and experimental content creators. 

On the other hand, professional music supervision companies take it up a notch. They hire experienced supervisors and manage large-scale projects such as films. Their relatively more expensive services come with good reason. Most such companies have impressive portfolios, managing audio tracks for award-winning movies and businesses.

What to Look For in Music Supervision Services?

Different factors are crucial in varying instances. Here’s what you need to consider while assessing an individual Music supervisor.

Music Knowledge

Supervisors assess visual media and pick out the most suitable audio track for the same. Suggesting film music requires extensive knowledge of music and music history. Limited knowledge also lowers your chances of finding the perfect fit for your media. 

Additionally, supervisors must possess knowledge of the cultural backgrounds of tracks, relevant history, and origins. 

Music Psychology

Music and emotions go hand-in-hand. Some background in music psychology may come in handy for psychology thriller themes. Music psychology is a branch born from the convergence of musicology and psychology. Studies include the effect of specific notes and melodies on the human brain. This knowledge is advantageous since your music supervisors know which emotion to convey and how to communicate it. 


Music synchronisation and understanding come only with experience. If the portfolio doesn’t speak for itself, look into education and qualifications. Engage in conversation to assess if the music supervisors can accurately convey and complement your content. 

While looking at music supervision companies, remember to look for:


A company’s history speaks volumes of its work standards and ethics. Evaluating past projects can help you gauge their efficiency and creativity. Moreover, it can help you assess whether the company is the right fit.


Most companies with impressive portfolios have a massive price tag. Evaluate whether a freelancer can carry out the same project at a reasonable rate. Simultaneously, reducing price may compromise quality which is unimaginable in noteworthy projects.