Men’s rings can be confusing as there is very little information on ring etiquette for men. There may be some traditional rules, but they aren’t set in stone. Hence, it boils down to personal choice. Often, men’s jewellery ends with a watch or a wedding band. And plenty of style guides are written on them, but the same cannot be said about rings. However, some ideas are better than others when talking about ring etiquette. This article compiles a list of such ideas to ensure you do not go wrong when wearing rings, whether you prefer tungsten rings or bold statement rings.

Be Ambidextrous

Just as it is with any accessory, less is more with rings too. By overloading your hands, the individual elements can become hard to discern. Always aim to strike a balance. For instance, if you have a wedding ring in one hand, one or two rings would go well with the other.

Nail Your Scales

As it is with your clothes, the fit matters very much. Just as skinny jeans would look out of place on a bodybuilder’s legs, tiny rings would look amiss on a pianist’s finger. The scale of the jewellery must always be considered, and one must always avoid wearing rings that do not suit a finger shape or hand size. Big rings shall go well with large hands, while they would make people with tiny fingers uncomfortable.

Matching the Metals

Clashing metals seemed like a lack of care back in the day when it was ideal for all the jewellery a person wore to be made either of silver or gold but not both. But in today’s age, where blazers can be paired with joggers, pairing tungsten rings with silver ones isn’t the faux pas that it once could have been. Sometimes it may look best even when you make this pairing seem deliberate.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Most rappers and hip-hop artists can pull off the dripping-in-bling look as they aren’t required to wear suits to their office. But if you do, wearing a giant statement ring won’t help you, and it would be wise to look for something much more subtle. The 3D rings can be reserved for the weekends. Keep it simple if you want to make rings your signature style.

Wedding Bands

While it is a common tradition for men to wear wedding bands today, before the second world war, only married ladies wore them. The intention behind wearing them was to prove to society that her children were legitimate and that there was a man to look after her rather than being the romantic gesture it is today. During the war, however, men wore rings made of non-precious metals to remind them about whom they were fighting for. By the 60s, this tradition caught on to what it is today. This tradition was also fuelled by the rise of European fashion and second-wave feminism that tried to put both partners on equal footing in a marriage.

When looking for wedding bands, opt for simple and clean bands with which you can never go wrong. If there are any designs, they usually tend to be on the inside.


Any ring looks best when you own the statement it makes. Wearing jewellery that doesn’t make you comfortable is pointless. At first, rings can make you feel odd thanks to their physical weight. Hence, it’s best to try them out first before buying them. If you feel confident wearing them and it makes you feel right, then without thinking much, go for it, whether it is a men’s tungsten ring or a large gold ring.

As the idea of men wearing rings apart from wedding bands is fairly new, there are very few rules you need to follow. Keep the suggestions provided in this article in mind if you wear rings, as they may help you avoid mistakes.