A rent roll is a legal document that includes all the information about the rental properties, including the list of the tenants. A rent roll is highly beneficial as it helps the landlords manage their properties and understand all the matters. A rent roll is similar to a profit and loss statement; however, it has a few distinct characteristics. They can be produced at any time and do not have a set time frame. Here are some facts about a rent roll that will help guide you.

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Information about the property

Information about the rental property is the first thing that is added to the rent roll and is perhaps the most crucial part. It is on the first section of the document and includes a list of all the rental properties purchased by the landlord. It all states all relevant information about these properties, including their address, the type of property, the market, and the management company. This section of the rent roll should be regularly updated, and any new property purchased should be added.

Details about the property

This section is similar to the first one but is more detailed in nature. You will add all the information you have about every property you own. The data about the property compromises the number of units it has, the size of the plot, and the number of bedrooms. Any special features of the property and amenities will also be added in this section of the rent roll.

Information about the tenants

This section is the most significant part of the rent roll. It compromises of the number of tenants and their personal information. This section will have details about of rent paid by the tenants and will hence help the landlords keep track. Other info, including the date of the lease, the security deposits, and the prepaid rent, are also added in this section. Tenants keep changing; hence it is vital that you regularly update this section of the rent roll to ensure that it represents the exact situation.

Information about the income 

As a landlord, the rent you receive from your tenants is your income. Therefore, it is crucial that you keep track of your income to prevent any errors. The income section of the rent roll includes the amount of income you receive from each tenant. It keeps track of your monthly and rental income and helps you calculate your total income. Do you know about payment plan of Capital Smart City?

Benefits of preparing a rent roll

Rent roll ensures that all your data is organized and listed accurately. This helps you better understand the matters relating to these properties, and thus you are also able to assess your situation accurately and make relevant decisions. Maintaining a rent roll allows you to manage the matters of the property more efficiently. A rent roll is exceptionally beneficial when you have a number of rental properties and are finding it hard to keep track of all the rent you receive. A rent roll compiles all the information in a single file which is all you need to visit to look at the situation. oploverz.bz Rent rolls are very commonly used by investors as it helps them assess their current standing and plan their next investment. Furthermore, lenders ask for all the information that is included in a rent-roll. Hence if you apply for a mortgage, you will just have to send the lenders your rent roll, making things easier for both the parties.


The information listed in a rent roll is highly important and without which you cannot manage your rental properties. A rent roll ensures that all this valuable information is stored safely in an organized manner. Taking the time out to prepare a rent roll may look like a gruesome task right now, but it will cause you a lot of convenience in the future. Invest in Nova City Peshawar. 

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