It marks the beginning of how learning can be taken to the next level, with the biggest and most significant change we’ve made to our certification and training program in more than 25 years. It is designed to unleash the full potential of the new network. We put the intensity of goal-based systems administration, mechanization, and programmability in the possession of our clients, accomplices, and workers. It is the day we transform an industry with the power of learning and societies Cisco-Implementing Cisco Service Provider VPN Services.

The new network is supported by new technologies and new skills

Cisco has been driving a change in how networking is done for some time. The network is rapidly developing to encompass more and more vital capabilities. In the past few years, we have expanded our customers’ ability to take advantage of intent-based networks, multi-domain solutions, programmability, and APIs. It is a fundamental transformation. And it affects the work that the IT professionals do. To unleash the full potential of the new network, IT professionals must master new software practices, communication skills, and software skills. There are two primary groups in this movement: network engineers and software developers. They quickly learn to speak each other’s languages ​​while innovating, growing, and preparing to lead the IT industry in this new era.

That is the reason we’ve taken figuring out how to the following level

Today, we’re launching new Cisco certifications that validate the skills of network engineers at the Professional, Associate (CCNA), and Professional (CCNP) levels. We work to integrate programming and automation skills into these at all levels. We also offer a special program to get to know the first 500 people leading the way with their DevNet certification. You can read more about it from Susie Wee here.

So what really changed?

What has changed is that the certification and training program is designed to suit the needs of the new network and the preferences of the modern learner. What hasn’t changed is the value that Cisco certifications bring. For IT managers, Cisco Certified Individuals stand out – they are seen as more effective and valuable than those with other types of certification. For individuals, learning and the power of communities like Cisco Learning Network and DevNet are life-changing.

Specifically for network engineers, as a Cisco Certified Professional, you will gain recognition for the specific skills you master. As a CCNA, you will have a broader base of skills that are fundamental to the future of networking. As a CCNP, you will have more options to focus on one of five major technology paths and on specific concentrations that are important to you. As a CCIE, you hold a Ph.D. in the field of Information Technology, a major strategic asset of your business, and a pioneer with a thorough understanding of the networking life cycle.

For software developers, a Cisco Certified DevNet Partner validates entry-level programming and software development skills, a Cisco Certified DevNet Professional validates specialist automation skills and programmability, and Cisco Certified DevNet Professional builds software development, automation, and specialist skills in a focus of your choice.

What in the future?

Three exciting developments and an unfortunate circumstance. Let’s start with some good news.

    Today, we are announcing the development of our CCNA Cyber ​​Ops certification, which will be renamed Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate to emphasize its focus on cybersecurity operations. Launched on May 29, 2020, this certification program will be updated into one-stop training and exam covering the latest essential skills, processes, and knowledge you need to prevent, detect, and defend against cybersecurity threats.

    Stay tuned for more on Cisco Certified DevNet Expert, a futuristic offering!

    We are refreshing the Cisco Networking Academy educational program to incorporate the new CCNA and the new Cisco Certified DevNet Associate. Together, we are building the next generation of IT professionals.

    And finally, a note about the COVID-19 outbreak. The security of our clients, accomplices, and workers is forever our need. Due to the outbreak, we have temporarily closed CCIE laboratories in Hong Kong and Beijing and extended the date for those who would like to take the exam in the current exams. This is an evolving situation, and we will be evaluating it on an ongoing basis. Find CCIE community updates here.

A new era for learning

“Cisco declarations have been the best level in the business, and today we are passing on the standard advancement to the program in its 26 years to understand programming, robotization, DevOps, and client achievement,” said Susie Wee, senior VP, and head supervisor, DevNet and CX Ecosystem Success. “The constraints of the new affiliation make new position occupations, for example, the Network Automation Developer and DevSecOps Professional, and these experts need a mix of affiliation structure arranging and programming progress limits. Our new certification and preparing errand will help experts be profitable in their lives and their occupations for the very critical time span ahead.”

As we go ahead, we’ll keep on driving the always-changing business sector needs with our affirmations. Our new, more nimble preparing and affirmation system will keep on changing as the business advances. Welcome to another period of learning – a time where organizing, programming improvement, and security aptitudes meet up. A period where IT experts pick the abilities they need to create. A time where learning is a long-lasting pursuit.

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