A PKNIC Card is beneficial for running business websites in Pakistan

pknic prepaid cards


Usually, PKNIC Card is local registration for the pk domain and performs tasks by offering a few Web Links for the pk domain price. Thus, you have only an option to register one pk domain from the prepaid Card. Yet, Web Links are projected for all the TLDs under PKNIC, which includes .pk.com.pk,.org.pk, net.pk,.biz.pk,.edu.pk,.gov.pk, etc.

Navicosoft offers its customers the cost-effective PKNIC domain price, which contests your anticipated cost. Moreover, you can get benefits for your company with these cards’ with an easy renewal process. So, let’s start and know how this approved PKNIC card is beneficial to your pk domain website and impacts the pk domain price?

What is the actual meaning of the PKNIC prepaid card?

PKNIC Prepaid Card is a discrete pin code inferred to refurbish the pk domain panel. Therefore, With this security, you can register or update any Pakistani domain name—pk,.com.pk,.edu.pk,.gov.pk,.gop.pk est. Likewise, you can get PKNIC Cards from a consistent Web hosting agency interpreting your needs. Thus, you can get your PKNIC cards through an email account after making your findings.

What is the registration and renewal procedure of PKNIC cards?

Form an approved domain registering agency when you have registered your pk domain. Would you have a question in your mind about the renewal of your domain? Meanwhile, you can get PKNIC prepaid cards from a competent agency to register. Thus, giving back your domain without exertion, or you can also direct it.

However, this domestic registry for the pk domain has only the least time of two years. However, PKNIC Prepaid Card is an informal approach to registering or renovating a pk domain name. Besides, a PKNIC prepaid card only exists at the top resellers of PKNIC. So, after your settlement agreement, you can get your PKNIC prepaid Card in the minimum period.

What is the procedure for buying a PKNIC PREPAID CARD?

Most people don’t have enough practice with the work of this restrained registry around the globe. Similarly, they don’t know the reasonably priced way to book their namespace under its statement. Yet, even the registry’s website is short of data. Therefore, the optimum web hosting providers deliver their services in that case. Consequently, they probe the entire thing a user has in mind for buying, Renewing, Disturbing, Variable, and Grasping a PK extension.

Objectives and advantages of PKINIC Prepaid Card:

The Followings are the objectives and advantages; you can get by supporting conventional codes in your registry’s account.

Quickest System:

Parallel to other means for the credible registry, it is the finest, harmless, and instant method to buy a PKNIC card for a definite domain.

Reseller’s Salutation:

Advertising PKNIC cards is a crosswise business for Small hosting providers or Web hosting agencies to make a gross revenue.


It is elementary to do it by yourself. Though, there is no need to ask again and again about PK domain administration. Thus, go ahead and varnish it by yourself.

Specifics not obligatory:

Delivering contact details or direct access to the card codes is not compulsory. In earlier times, the technique was simple, order, pay, and get your wantedthing.

Valuable price:

Most people order freely for domains but not admirations, so they pay additional but do not get a suitable resistor.

Unassuming Collection:

Suggesting two grades permits different discount levels to choose, purchase more, and preserve more.

How could you find the best PKNIC Prepaid Card Provider?

You can sidetrack the competence accessible by PK domain providers. Thus, it delivers Pakistani domain buying and bringing back through its specialized resellers. So, it brings the public the pknic account balance achieved through the isolated market. Therefore, in a market where there is hostility, companies offer things at meagre costs and competitive prices for more business. In 2010, the internet public was in significant development. Hence, it allowed another suffix than the typical suffix .com, etc. moreover, the extensions fit into Pakistan or any country ccTlds were not valid.

The Country-based suffixes are more abode, mainly for domestic search results. However, Google began to list country-based extensions at the highest position. Hence, the PKNIC domain price is less accompanying to other international states. Similarly, the registry sustained its willpower for 2 years, which delivered an intensification to be more in quantity.

What is the easiest way to transfer a pk domain?

You can transfer a pk domain from one account to another very quickly, as a PKNIC card is also beneficial for a pk domain. In addition, most people transfer a pk domain from a previous hosting provider to another. Hence, the registrar’s reimbursement charges are less than the previous registrar’s.

While making any decision, you must provide an authentic letter to PKNIC. Therefore, the letter must include your current pk domain holder’s firm letterhead and a company stamp or seal. Similarly, you must provide one copy of your CNIC and a document of your CEO. While finalizing my words, if you want to transfer your PKNIC ID number, you must mention your PK domain name and state your domain ID.


Navicosoft has been serving very well customers by discriminating all the proficient information pertinent to .pk ccTLD benignly. Therefore, people who need a PKNIC prepaid card, or domestic PK domain registration, must think through and approach us. Additionally, we are familiar with dealing with Cards in almost every city in Pakistan because the PKNIC card is beneficial for operating business domestically.

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