Born on 28th September 1986, Nick Koenig, popularly known as Hot Sugar, is a record producer in the United States. The artist is from New York City, NY, and owns the Noise Collector record label. Hot Sugar has collaborated with various artists, including CHippy Nonstop, Heems, Antwon, Big Baby Gandhi, and Lakutis. Moreover, his music has been used in Broad City.


Hot Sugar has had a fairly successful music career. He released his debut extended play record (EP) titled Muscle Milk in 2011. In the same year, he also produced Root’s song, ‘Sleep,’ which was added to their album titled Undun. Other releases include the Moon Money EP, together with the Midi Murder in 2012. In the subsequent year, in 2013, Hot Sugar released the Made Man. The artist also released an album titled God’s Hand on Break World Records, his debut studio album.

Hot Sugar is featured in the Adam Bhala World documentary, which got a noble mention at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. The one-hour twenty-five minute film featured various artists, including Jim Jarmusch, Psychic, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Martin Starr, Frank Andrews, and Shelby Fero. Another great release from the artist includes an album titled ‘The Melody of Dust’.

Hot Sugar’s studio albums are as follows:

  • Screenlight (2022)
  • Atlas (2020) (with Vulax)
  • Candlelight (2020)
  • Torchlight (2020)
  • The Melody of Dust (2017)
  • God’s Hand (2015)

Additionally, his compilation albums include:

  • Seductive Nightmares 3 (2016)
  • Seductive Nightmares 2 (2014)
  • Skeletons (2014)
  • Seductive Nightmares 1 (2013)
  • Solid Steel Mix (2012)

Moreover, Hot Sugar has also directed various music videos for other artists, including the Smash Pumpkins titled ‘Solara,’ ‘Spotlight’ for Lil Peep and Marshmello, and also Lil Peep’s ‘Awful Things.

Social Media Activities For The Artist

Hot Sugar is arguably one of the most influential artists when it comes to social media outreach based on his born-music nature. Basically, he is a great celebrity influencer. Hot Sugar usually posts many personal videos and photos involving interactions with his enormous fan base on his social media channels. Apart from maintaining his popularity regarding his influence on social media, this engagement has helped other influencers and potential ones to adopt the need to engage with their followers and maintain a good personal touch with them.

Hot Sugar’s Style And Influences

Based on complex analysis, Hot Sugar’s music genre can be termed ‘associative music .’This music genre entails the artist pulling many sounds from instruments, non-traditional places, and found sounds to generate his unique melodies. The artist has been perfecting this art since he was 13. In an interview dated 2015, the artist described associative music as a way of capturing sounds in a manner that a photographer tries to capture an image. He stated that he would record anything that tries to look poetic.

One of the artist’s mentors includes John Waters and Kenneth Anger. Indicating their importance to him, Hot Sugar stated that their contribution to modern culture continues to be infinite and their innovative, timeless work. This was based on an interview with Nylon conducted in 2015.