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Accent Table Design Ideas for Your Home


Every home has a blank spot in it, where you might feel that nothing fits. A spot that is too small for furniture seating and too large for a plant to be kept. So, accent tables are the right thing for your interiors. Ideal for every home, accent tables find their spot anywhere and everywhere. They instantly elevate the aura of the interiors with a polished, modern look. 

You’ll find some stylish accent tables intricately crafted for you as if they were designed to fit your home. Give your home a gift of accent tables that re-energize every part of it. Below are some of the types of accent tables that you’ll find on the internet. 

  • Round accent table

A round accent table is round in shape, marking sophistication in every touch. If you want furniture for your room that speaks class and elegance, you must choose a round accent table. You can place the round accent table as the focal point of the room where it grabs everyone’s eyes. A round accent table looks best when kept at the centre of the sofa set.

  • Rectangular accent table

You can also bring home a rectangular accent table that also works as a console table. Choose hues that blend well with your room decor bringing the warmth of opulence to the room. Accent tables not just provide space to keep our valuables but also gives a smooth, modern look to the interiors. 

  • Wooden accent table

Wooden accent tables are super sturdy and elegant. You can get a wooden accent table in different shapes and designs, like a triangular table or round one. The strong wooden support keeps them sturdy and so it becomes the most liked accent table of all time. The brown finish and sleek designs make it perfect for both vintage and modern interiors. If you buy home decoration items online like the wooden accent table, it becomes a great space for you to display flower vases and showpieces. 

  • Marble finish accent table

Spruce up your space with an intricately crafted marble finish accent table. These marble finish tables have a marble top that shows versatility and luxury. These lavish round accent tables are available in white and black colour. Some popular websites also offer home decoration items online like accent tables in double colours. Complement it with a topping like potted plants, family snapshots and others. 

These were the top categories of accent tables. Now let us get to the tips that we have to style your accent table

  • Choose designs and colours that match your existing room decor. Every accent table is unique and adds a certain eccentricity to the room. Hence, it is important to choose one wisely. If you have a modern style interior, you can select a marble finish accent table. For vintage-style room decor, choose a wooden accent table with long legs and a matte finish brown top. 
  • Placement is important. You need to decide where to keep your accent table. Be it a marble finish table or a wooden accent table, you must know where to keep it. For a round accent table, you can keep it at the centre of the room, amidst the sofa set. Well, a round accent table can also serve as a side table, alongside your bed. While a rectangular accent table can serve as a table console to keep your decorative items on display. 
  • Select pieces that complement each other. When you put together artwork and pieces thoughtfully, you don’t just create stunning interiors but a story. Every piece narrates its part and together reflects a part of you to your guests. Your room must not look like a blunt collection of beautiful artworks but it must grasp your guests’ attention, boggling their eyes from one piece to another. Thus, an accent table must complement and blend well with the other decor pieces in your room. 
  • Decorate it well. You can choose to let your round accent table stand solitary, making its design and style stand out. You can also decorate it with pots, plants and candles if you like. It would take the decor quotient of your room to the next level. When you place the accent table at the centre of the room, a glass flower vase with or without flowers would also look gorgeous. 
  • Choose the right brand. Well, when it comes to good home decor, you must choose nothing but the best. Choose a brand that offers home decoration items online that promise quality products and timeless designs. Brands also provide doorstep delivery so that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home for a shopping spree. With several options available online, choose a trusted name for your room decor, a name that brings the best to the table. 

These were some quick tips for you to choose the best accent tables for your home. The next time you want to give your home a revamp, you must keep these expert tips in mind. Hope you found this blog helpful.

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