Acerola is a Vitamin C Cherry Powder fruit that grows in countries like Brazil and Puerto Rico. Its fruit is bittersweet and acid, which reveals its high content of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and bioflavonoid. It is the edible fruit with the most vitamin C known; the content can be 65 times higher than that of an orange. In Brazil, acerola juice is as common as orange juice in our country.

Active Foods line includes 100% natural acerola powder suitable for the whole family, especially suitable for children and adolescents who do not eat too many vegetables and fresh fruit. It is very easy to introduce into the diet, just add half a teaspoon of acerola powder per day to cover the recommended daily dose of vitamin C. You can add it to orange juice in the morning, sprinkled on cereals or fresh fruit, mixed with yogurt or even just with water, it tastes very nice! 

Due to its high levels of vitamin C, its consumption

  Contributes to the normal function of the immune system, preventing the flu and colds typical of this season (we recommend you also see immun’Age). It participates in energy metabolism and the nervous system favoring our body. Collaborates in the formation of collagen, providing elasticity to blood vessels and improving their functioning. Collagen is also good for bones, cartilage, gums and teeth and helps to show off beautiful skin, reducing blemishes and acne scars. Its vitamin A content is good for health of our eyes and for the metabolism of iron.

In addition, the antioxidant capacity of vitamin C protects cells against oxidative damage caused by stress, aging, environmental pollution or smoking.

How do you drink acerola cherry?

Consume the berry or fruit part of the acerola plant for its health benefits. Its flavor tends to be described as sweet, fragrant and astringent. It is easily eaten raw or cooked in dishes.

The best way to obtain the fruit is to grow your own due to the rapid perish ability of the acerola cherry. You can also keep acerola cherries fresh by freezing them as soon as you pick them!

Supplemental forms include:

The powdered supplement is quite popular. Made from dried, powdered acerola cherry juice, it can be mixed into drinks, smoothies, juices, and more. You can also make smoothies with your frozen berries!

Recommendations may vary depending on the supplement product you purchase. Follow the dosage instructions on the label if you are not sure how much to take.

The health benefits of acerola are mainly due to its richness in vitamin C. The more the fruit ripens, the more vitamin C is lost, and acerola ripens very quickly!

Vitamin C is a necessary nutrient and a water-soluble vitamin and is not stored in the body, so take a source of water-soluble vitamins daily. Along with vitamin A, vitamin C is a known antioxidant, helping to prevent free radical damage and certain diseases. Recent studies claim that acerola is quite rich in antioxidants.

Vitamin C also builds collagen, protects mucous membranes, and prevents scurvy.

Vitamin C is important for keeping the immune system functioning and helping the body fight infections, viruses, and even cancer. While more research is needed, one study showed that in the laboratory, cherries rich in antioxidants and vitamin C had the ability to help the body stop the growth of colon cancer.

Acerola, when consumed as food, also contains good amounts of the following nutrients:

Does acerola cherry have any side effects?

It is possible to take too much acerola cherry. As with a vitamin C supplement, if you take too much, you may experience digestive upset. To avoid problems or discomfort, take milligram doses of acerola as you would any vitamin C supplement. If there are instructions on the supplement label, follow them. Please note that the Food and Drug Administration does not control the quality, purity, packaging, or dosage of supplements. Always choose supplements from a reputable manufacturer!

If you take too much, you may experience:

These symptoms tend not to need medical attention, and are relatively infrequent or rare. Just lower the dose and they will probably go away.

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