high ticket sales


The Truth About high ticket sales is an essential book for every sales person who wants to create a lucrative online business. Most people who sell on the phone use ineffective, broken methods that hurt both parties. The Truth About high ticket sales reveals 8 foundational truths about the mindset of a high ticket closer.

Lessons learned from Aligned High-Ticket Sales

High ticket sales refer to sales of high-value products or services. This type of sales funnel requires more effort on the part of the salesperson to close deals. Unlike low-ticket sales, high-ticket sales are more targeted and often occur during a season. Fortunately, there are ways to close high-ticket sales in an easier way.

8 fundamental truths of a high-ticket closer’s mindset

High-ticket closers are driven by an insatiable appetite for success. They treat their work like an art form and push themselves beyond their comfort zones. They don’t rely on luck or other people’s expectations and always come with their “A” game.

It’s not easy to become a high-ticket closer. It takes hard work and dedication, and you must earn it. In order to become one of the one percent, you need to have the right mindset. This mindset will separate you from the crowd and make you a high-ticket closer.

Pre-sale routine

A pre-sale routine is important to avoid last-minute cancellations and maximize sales. The process starts with research. You can conduct surveys or use personal outreach to find out more about your customers. You can also dig through data to find demographic and professional trends. From there, you can develop buyer personas.

Your pre-sale routine must be tailored to the customer. The goal is to position your proposal as the ideal solution for their problem. Make sure to understand the customer’s pain points and goals and use visuals to demonstrate your solution. Okta, for example, uses visuals in its pre-sales routine to help customers visualize the benefits of its product.

Success factors

One of the most important success factors for high ticket sales is establishing a relationship with the customer. This is critical because high-ticket buyers need to feel as if you understand them. This requires confidence and the ability to overcome objections. It also requires precise timing and finesse. Regardless of the type of product you’re selling, you need to know how to ask for a price that will be acceptable for the customer.

Another important factor for success is having a good sales funnel. This funnel should move customers through a process that helps them buy your high-ticket products or services. High-ticket sales are typically more expensive than lower-priced products and services. This is because they require more work and require a high-level of consulting on behalf of the seller.

Reputation building

Reputation building is an integral component of any successful marketing strategy. It can influence search engine performance, social media strategy, and even consumer engagement. As Forbes contributor Steve Olenski explains, it can be a source of competitive differentiation. Ultimately, your reputation is your brand’s value center. Therefore, it is critical for you to focus on reputation building.

Developing a high-value product is an effective way to build a brand and reputation. These products offer value to consumers, which can lead to more sales and profits. In addition, they can be a good way to show consumers that your brand is important.