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About Acumen EHR 

Acumen EHR is a medical software solution that has been around for quite a while. The software aims at providing medical software solutions to medical practices. The aim of this software is to simplify the needs of a medical practice. In this piece, we will be discussing the various features in Acumen EHR that help make things easier for you! 

If you want to know about the features in Acumen EHR and how they can help your medical practice in particular then keep reading! 

Acumen EHR Features

Patient Portal

The first Acumen EHR feature that we want to tell you about is the patient portal feature. This feature is incredibly helpful because it enables your patients to go online and take control of their own treatment with you. With this feature, they can log on to a portal and use it to schedule their own appointments, keep track of upcoming appointments, communicate with you through a safe portal and much more! This helps you relax as well since you no longer have to take care of these small administrative things and can instead have your patients do it themselves! 

Manage Appointments

Another big concern for a lot of medical practices is their efficiency. And with Acumen EHR you are able to maximize your efficiency in terms of scheduling appointments. You can schedule as many patients in a day as possible which means you are maximizing your efficiency during your work day. This means you are maximizing your revenue as well which is incredibly important for any medical practice. 

The appointment management feature also helps you reduce the number of no-shows at your practice since the software sends reminders to your patients for their appointments and in case someone happens to cancel last minute the software replaces their appointment with a new one immediately! 


The billing feature in Acumen EHR is also wonderful because of the various ways it makes managing your billing so much easier than before. This feature reduces the number of errors you have otherwise made in your billing which is convenient for both you and your patients. Other than that, the feature also helps you to send reminders to patients who have bills that are overdue and also send you reminders about unpaid bills which can help you to remember what bills you have to collect on as well! 

Communication made Easy

One of the biggest issues a lot of businesses including medical practices face is with communication. With Acumen EHR you are able to equip yourself and all your staff with accounts on the software which enable you to communicate with one another seamlessly. This feature helps you communicate things very well so that you can all be on the same page. It also helps you to coordinate things better and implement changes and policies across the board as well which is incredibly helpful! 

Clinical Information

Patient history is perhaps one of the most important factors when it comes to treating a patient since without their history you would be blindly making guesses. With Acumen EHR you can have amazing patient charts which inform you about the patient’s history as needed. This helps you treat the patient better since you have the main points you need to know about their health and can make a better informed decision about their diagnosis as well as coming up with a better treatment plan that would suit them better as well! 

Acumen EHR Pricing and Reviews

Acumen EHR does not list its pricing publicly and you have to contact the vendor in case you want to know how much it costs! However, according to a lot of users the software is moderately priced and costs as much as any other software. 

The reviews for Acumen EHR online are incredibly good with most websites giving the software an average of 4 stars on most websites. This is a very good rating and most reviews talk positively about the website! 

Should you Invest in Acumen EHR

If you are wondering whether or not we recommend this software then we cannot make this decision for you. We would advise you to do your own research about whether or not Acumen EHR would suit your needs. 

The first thing you should do is make a list of all the features you would ideally want in an EHR software and then compare that list to the features available in Acumen EHR which will give you an idea about whether or not this software will meet your needs. 

The next thing you should do is contact the vendor for the software and ask them for an Acumen EHR demo to see the software in action yourself so that you know whether or not the features in action are as good as when you merely read about them. Hopefully whatever decision you come to about Acumen EHR will be the right one for you and your medical practice! 

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