Addressing The Differences Mom’s Jeans vs. Boyfriend Jeans


Jeans are a significant part of attire for both men and women. However, women enjoy a little more options when it comes to opting for the type of jeans they want to wear. There are skinny jeans, ripped jeans, cigarette jeans, and whatnot. The differences in some of these may not be major, but they still belong to different categories, which are why we think women enjoy wearing jeans a little more than men do – from semi-casual to casual women’s jeans, they can find the type of jeans that suits them the best!

In fact, some types of casual women’s jeans are so alike that a layman or even might even find it difficult to differentiate among them. We took the challenge and decided to clarify how the two are different from each other, and being an avid user of both, we believe we can do a good job explaining the two. Let us start with boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend’s Jeans

So the concept behind this type of jeans is simple and is based around the fact that women love wearing the clothes of their boyfriend or husband. Normally, due to the natural structural differences in the bodies of men and women, men’s jeans and shirts are loose and baggy for women. Due to the popular demand and love for these types of jeans, boyfriend jeans were invented.

These are made for women, but they are baggy from the hips all the way down to the ankle. These jeans are perfect for women with bigger thighs since it fits perfectly well due to the natural composition of this type of jeans. So, if you are in search of casual women’s jeans that are loose and comfortable to wear while doing your daily chores, we suggest you opt for the boyfriend jeans.

Mom’s Jeans

Take the same concept, just replace the boyfriend’s jeans with mom’s. These jeans boast the 1960s and 70s fashion where moms used to wear loose and high-waist jeans since they were both comfortable and part of the fashion back then. This fashion has done a full-circle and is now back in action. Now, getting your mom’s actual jeans could mean a worn-out piece of clothing with size differences, which is why mom’s jeans were introduced again lately. You can get the same vibe while wearing these loose, comfy, and casual women jeans wherever you go.

To further add to the comfort levels, mom’s jeans have an elastic band on them which makes them even more comfortable to wear, especially while doing routine chores. The legs on these jeans are straight, while the fly is a bit long to offer high-waist comfort. If you’re too conscious about your body (which you shouldn’t be! Everyone is beautiful as they are), then mom’s jeans can help you cover up whatever you’re insecure about (Again! Everyone is beautiful, and you should only wear mom’s jeans to enjoy the comfort it offers or to boast the revolution of fashion!).

What Is The Difference?

Well, the idea behind both types of jeans is similar – to offer you the ease you find in your mom’s or boyfriend’s pair of jeans. These casual women jeans are more or less similar to each other in their fitting since they are both loose, they are both straight, and they are both made for optimum comfort.

Despite the similarities, there are slight differences that make these two fall in different categories. For instance, mom’s jeans are more towards the baggier side, while boyfriend’s jeans may not be as baggy around the hips or ankles. Furthermore, mom’s jeans have a higher waist with a long fly which makes them easily fit your waist and hip area. The boyfriend jeans, on the other hand, have a comparatively shorter fly since they are supposed to imitate men’s jeans.

Similar to these differences, the length on mom’s jeans is also slightly shorter due to the fact that the average size of women is shorter than that of men. You will find the boyfriend’s jeans to be a bit longer, which can be comfortable or uncomfortable for you based on your preferences.

In A Nutshell

Casual women jeans are one of the most commonly opted-for categories among women, and the abovementioned types of jeans rule this category. Both of them are manufactured with the same concept, but there are minute differences which you will find to make them look and feel more realistic (like higher waist in mom’s jeans, etc.).

Now that you understand the difference between mom’s and boyfriend’ casual women jeans, go ahead and make your purchase. There are several online stores that are offering casual women jeans online and reasonable prices. If you want to get one, make sure you order from a website that is actually dedicated to casual women jeans or t-shirts since you will find more options there.

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