About AdvancedMD 

AdvancedMD is a company based out of the United States. The company’s headquarters are in South Jordan in the state of Utah. It has been around for quite a while and currently the company employs over 600 people. The company has various medical related software that it has on offer. From medical office management software to software for ambulatory practices. They also have a billing software option for anyone looking for a billing related option for their work. 

If you are currently in search of a medical EMR software and considering AdvancedMD to do the job for you; then keep reading because we will discuss several AdvancedMD features in detail and help you in figuring out whether or not this software will be appropriate for you and your needs. From AdvancedMD demo to AdvancedMD pricing; we will discuss it all!

AdvancedMD Features you Will Love 

Schedule your Appointments with Ease

One of the most appreciated features in AdvancedMD is the scheduling feature which allows for you to be able to create an appointment schedule for yourself that enables you to see as many patients in a day as possible. Other than that, the software also sends appointment reminders to patients automatically so you encounter reduced number of no-shows at your practice!

Billing has Never Been Simpler 

Billing is one of the things that medical practices mostly complain about. However with AdvancedMD you can finally relax since the software takes care of a large portion of your billing worries. With the software taking care of making bills and reminding you when they are due and sending payment reminders as well; you can focus on your job instead of having to fret over manually keeping track of your bills. 

Patient Portal to Help Ease Administrative Duties 

When you get the AdvancedMD demo make sure you check out the patient portal feature with all the convenience it brings to you as well. With this feature, your patients are able to log on to a portal of their own which enables them to be able to make their own appointments, fill out documents online and keep track of upcoming appointments among other things. 

This feature takes the onus of several administrative responsibilities off of your shoulders. With this feature you can relax and focus on patients and their treatment instead of fielding calls and setting up appointments.

E-Prescription for Better Patient Care 

The e-prescription feature in this software is incredibly helpful to both you and your patients. This feature allows you to be able to virtually make prescriptions which patients can then pick up at their convenience at whatever store is nearest to them. You can test this feature out during your AdvancedMD demo to see whether it fits your needs. The e-prescription feature also alerts you about any possible negative interactions so that you can be wary of them! 

Claims Approval in No Time at All

Filing and scrubbing claims according to several practitioners is the hardest and most stressful part of the job. With the incorrect codes, you could essentially cause problems for yourself as the claim will be rejected. But as you will see in the AdvancedMD demo your claims are automatically filled by the software so that the chances of the claim being rejected are next to none. Other than that, your claim is also verified and approved much quicker than before! 

AdvancedMD Demo and Pricing 

When asking for the AdvancedMD demo you should look out for all the features we have mentioned above to verify whether or not they suit your needs. In terms of pricing, well AdvancedMD is quite expensive but very much worth it. The cheapest tier starts at over $400 which and the price only goes up depending on the amount of features you want and the number of users required. 

Should you Invest in AdvancedMD

While we cannot recommend AdvancedMD to you unless we know the specifics of your medical practice, we can essentially tell you how to come to your own conclusion about the software. We advise making a list of features you would ideally want in a software and then comparing that list to the features present in AdvancedMD. 

We also recommend reading as many AdvancedMD reviews online as possible to get an idea of what current users think of the software. 

And of course, we highly suggest that you ask for a AdvancedMD demo from the vendor so that you can see first hand whether or not the software is worth it for you and if the software in action is what you hope for! 

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