Advantages of Logitech HeadsetsAdvantages of Logitech Headsets


In small business areas, call centers, and open-door offices, it is difficult to block out external noise and keep the productivity at a maximum. Moreover, the digital world we live in has online conversations, and some people even work in remote areas.

This is why office headsets are a vital necessity for completing all the tasks at hand with top-notch comfort and convenience. Offices and businesses take advantage of headsets and VoIP by interacting and communicating clearly with the staff, employees, and clients.

The following are the best Logitech Headsets in USA for the year 2020.

1- Logitech Zone Wireless

If you’re an office worker who needs versatility, this headset is for you. Zone Wireless was manufactured and designed, keeping in mind the requirements of busy mobile workers. It is compatible with Skype for business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom meetings, and Google Voice, which makes this device even more useful for offices. Triple connectivity is also offered with a 30 feet range.

The headset is extremely lightweight, and comfort is provided through the ear-pads, which are made of leather. The Login Tune App allows the customization of the headset.

Apart from the Bluetooth pairing, 14 hours talk time, in-line volume, wireless Qi charging, and active noise cancellation is also offered. The microphone has the isolation technology which separated the user’s voice from the external noise.

Moreover, sidetone controls can be used for regulating your voice to the levels which you prefer. The cable which comes along the headset is long enough for it to use while it’s charging. It has a handsome design, and it fits snugly on your head. While the device can be paired up with two headsets simultaneously, the USB receiver can only pair with one headset.

The range of the device is 100 feet. The brand’s companion app named Logi Tune provides various useful controls such as active noise cancellation, muting, EQ adjustments, and voice prompts. The sidetone adjustment is also given by this app, which allows you to set the level of your voice. Overall, Zone Wireless is user-friendly for all working places, especially offices and outdoors.

2- Logitech H390 Logitech USB Headset

If your preference lies in customer communication, then this headset is for you. It is extremely budget-friendly, which is a win, and there are many quality functions and options for the user. This headset is compatible with Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows. The audio quality is so great that it works as stereo headphones as well.

Clear and uninterrupted acoustics is delivered by USB-A because the USB gives signals to the drivers. The audio drivers are laser-tuned, which doesn’t let any signal break, and it confirms precision and clarity. This allows the headset to become multi-purpose so that one can hear music while doing office work. It has a lightweight build, and comfort is provided by plush padded ear-cups made by faux leather.

The headband is equally padded as well with rubber on the inside. The headset has an on-ear, modern structure and is available in the grey color. The design is completed by matte finishing. Some of the features included are USB-A for computer-based audio and active noise cancellation.

No matter how loud your office is, Logitech H390 will give you strong mic intelligibility and solid performance.

3- Logitech H370

For office workers who spend their day responding to calls and like to hear music between calls or breaks, the H370 is a great choice. The headset cord or cable is 7 feet long, which allows you to stretch or stand between hectic calls. Moreover, the in-line controls can adjust the volume and can mute easily. This headset is compatible with Skype for business and webinars.

The digital sound quality is enhanced to attend class and play music or even games. Active noise cancellation can be adopted by the left microphone, and the proper positioning of the microphone can turn on or off the ANC. The headset is very lightweight, and the adjustable headband along with foam padded cushions in the ear-pads give comfort for as long as you wear the device.

The package of the device includes user documentation and digital headset. The incorporation of the advanced digital USB offers unparalleled stereo sound. Your office productivity will maximize with this headset.

These Logitech Headsetsfor the office work are perfect choices for either equipping a team, working outdoors, or handling customer communication. You can get them at FindHeadsets at reasonable prices and a good guarantee.

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