Age-Based Toy Buying Guide


Helpful information on toy selection based on child development studies may be found here. The same toy may be enjoyed by children of various ages, each at their own developmental level, hence certain toys are suggested for more than one age group.

Beginning from birth and lasting six months

Personality Traits: Strengths and Interests

Toys are good for infants, according to experts. Infants learn about the world via their senses. Babies can’t hold anything with their hands during the first few months of life, so they prefer to explore using their ears and eyes instead. Baby toys that create noise or have graphics in black-and-white or vivid colours are particularly enticing to newborns and early babies. Toys that are textured and safe for mouthing are popular with newborns as soon as they can grasp items. Toys should never be hanged or tied to a crib, playpen, stroller, baby seat, or a child’s neck using elastic, thread, or ribbon to prevent deadly entanglement.

Between six months and a full year

Toy-playing opportunities for newborns begin to expand in the second part of the first year as they develop their motor abilities. A baby’s favourite toys are those that allow him or her to control them in a variety of ways. A child’s favourite activities to do while they’re young are to crawl, “cruise” (walk while holding furniture), and walk. As a child, it’s also exciting to play with toys that illustrate how something works.

Between a year and two years

The second year of life is a time of exploration for young children. Playing and learning are both simple for toddlers since they have the physical abilities to do it. Toys for active play, such as walking, climbing, pushing, and riding, are essential for a toddler’s development. As youngsters become older, they begin to mimic adults and appreciate the use of props to learn life skills.

About Two to Three Years

Toys for vigorous play are a favourite of older toddlers, who like leaping, climbing, and tossing. Hand and finger co-ordination are also strong in this age group, and they like using these abilities to create small art projects, puppets, blocks, and simple puzzles. The third year also marks the beginning of imaginative play.

A Child between the Ages of 3 and 6

One of the most fascinating aspects of being human is the ability to engage in imaginative play and delusion. Playing with miniatures is the most famous activity for children of this age group. Song of ice and fire miniatures are among the popular ones. Robot dinosaurs can be the best toys for your kids.

Interests and Abilities

Children begin to actively play with each other around the age of three. Imagination is rampant among preschoolers and first graders. They adore dressing up as adults and using props to bring their fantasies to reality. A cherished doll or teddy bear might become a child’s best friend at this age, and it’s not unusual for them to convey their thoughts to them. They also like arts and crafts supplies since they prefer doing things by hand.

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