If you’re noticing a leak when it’s raining, then it’s time to call an aircon water leak repair company. It could be that your AC condensate line is leaking because of wear and tear or maybe one of the screws has come loose. Either way, we can help you fix the problem quickly and efficiently!

While water leaks can be a nuisance, it doesn’t mean you have to buy a brand new aircon unit. Our technicians and plumbers can fix your AC so that it runs like new and convert into an efficient source of cooling for your home or office again.

What Is an Aircon Condensate Line?

Condensate lines are small pipes that allow water to exit your AC unit. The condensate line has a float switch, which triggers the drainage pump when it’s time to collect rainwater or condensed water from the evaporator coil. The pump then discharges the dirty water through the condensate line and out through a drain hole in an exterior wall.

Why Noisy Aircon Units Need to Be Repaired before it Leaks

If you’re experiencing an issue with the aircon unit at home, it’s best to have it checked by a professional before further damage is done. One common reason for these issues is water leaks. And if your AC emits rattling or grinding noises lately, here are some possible reasons why the machine needs immediate refrigerant leak repair.

Grinding or Rattling Noises

One of the most common signs that there is water leaking from your AC unit is if there are unusual sounds coming from it – loud grinding noises are often one of them. The main causes of this problem are faulty compressor valves which need replacement before any more damage can be done. It could also be due to broken impellers which should be fixed as soon as the AC unit is inspected.

Water Damages Your AC Unit

An AC unit with leaking water might not be in a state where it can provide cool air, but you’ll definitely find out quickly when standing directly in front of it. However, damage to your AC from water leaks aren’t usually seen at first glance; they’re evident when you inspect the unit closely after it has been running and notice that some parts and connections have corroded or rusted already. You might also notice that there’s accumulating dust on places like coils since condensation makes these surfaces damp and dirty. And if you run your hand over them, they will most likely feel slippery because of all the mildew too. This of damage is irreversible so no matter how small it is, always call a professional to repair your AC unit then.

Water Damage Will Increase Your Energy Consumption

Another sign that you need an AC repair quickly is if you’ve noticed that there are more appliances plugged in your home since it’s been warmer lately. Or maybe the bills for electricity have also increased despite you not trying to turn on any appliance whenever possible. If these things happen, chances are, water has leaked from your AC machine and has begun seeping through the walls of your house; this causes condensation which can make circuits malfunction or short-circuit if they become too wet. And one reason why the aircon unit needs refrigerant leak repair is because of this issue since frequent leaks cause substantial damage to electrical

Why is My Aircon Leaking Water?

Three reasons:

1. There’s no water in the tank so when you turn on the ac, it leaks;

2. You didn’t replace or empty your aircon condensate tank regularly – these tanks fill up with rainwater over time;

3. Your aircon condensate line is broken or rusty and needs to be replaced.

Where Can I Find a Local AC Water Leak Repair Company?

If you’re having trouble finding a local aircon water leak repair company, visit, we have been providing homeowners throughout Singapore with the best service at the lowest price to keep their aircons running as efficiently as possible.

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