Full Mouth Dental Implant


Full mouth dental implant is one of the most common types in this category. Dental implants are the solution to a majority of issues related to our teeth. In most cases, the implants act as the most viable and economic solution. This is the reason why it has become a widespread technique to cure dental issues throughout the world. Here, we are going to talk about all the fundamentals and other essential information that you should know before you go for one. As dental implants are more like a permanent solution so, it becomes important to be aware before you make your final decision. 

Why a dental implant?

People get dental implants due to several reasons. A large number of people opt for dental implants because they have some damaged or missing teeth. In that case, the implant provides them with nice, natural-looking teeth. Apart from the looks, there are several other benefits as well. The lifestyle of an individual also gets improved by a vast extent with the help of dental implants. Such an improvement in the lifestyle is not surprising as you already know about the importance of teeth in our daily life.

Based on the choices available, health benefits, and other things involved in this process, you should never consider it as a minor decision. Your concern will increase even significantly if you are planning to get a full-mouth dental implant. This article will make you familiar with all the essential information that one should have before making a final decision. Along with that, we will also mention the ways in which an implant may improve your lifestyle. 

The working of dental implants

Full mouth dental implant is a part of dental implant procedure where natural teeth get replaced by artificial ones. Several techniques are used to attach the teeth to the jawbone of humans. Let us take a look at the working of different components used in this process. 

The crown/restorations

There might be some other name of this part as well but we are using two of the most common names for it. It is the component that replaces your teeth after the implant. Ensuring quality becomes crucial here as we use it to chew food. The crown is available in several types. In some cases, dentists use bridges while in others special dentures are preferred. It all depends on the position of the teeth that need to be replaced. 

The Abutment

The abutment lies right between the crown and the implant screw. It act as a connector between implant screw and restoration. 

The Implant Screw

Implant screw is the most crucial part of dental implant surgery. This screw is made up of titanium in most cases. Titanium is a metal that is capable of fusing with the bone. This is the part that goes inside the jawbone of the individual. Implant screw holds the teeth the same way as natural teeth. 

The full mouth dental implant process

Full mouth dental implant is done in a quite different as compared to the regular implants. If someone needs to replace every tooth of their mouth, it can’t be done using the regular process. One implant for each tooth can make this process unusually long and complicated. This is the reason why there are four to eight implants to hold the entire set of teeth in our mouth. So, it is done in different ways. Take a look at some of the major patterns used in this process. 

All on 4

This technique of dental implant would help you get a full set of teeth that look completely natural. Only four implant screws are inserted in the jawbone at proper spots. And these four screws are used to hold the entire set of your teeth. In most cases, the full arch of teeth that is used on the top is made up of porcelain. The arch is fixed to the gum line of the individual in a way that it gets permanently attached to the jawbone. It not only improves the appearance of one’s tooth but also enables the individual to get new teeth in less duration of time.

All on 6

This is another popular technique used for full-mouth dental implants. It is done more like all on 4 dental implants but there are 6 implants instead of 4. All 6 implants are used to hold the arch of the teeth. You can opt for this technique if you want to replace your entire upper or lower jaw teeth. Another advantage of using this implant is the absence of bone drafting. Many people who have low bone density struggle to go through this procedure. 

A local anesthetic is used at the time of fixing the implants. Once the implant is finished, the dentist will go on with the following procedures. Once you are done with this process, you have to take precautionary measures at least for 3 months. This is also a very quick and easy method to replace all teeth in the minimum possible time. This is a lifelong solution to all your issues associated with teeth.

Dental implants in India

Now that you have known all the fundamentals of dental implant surgery, it is time to take a look at this facility in India. Those living in India should check out Cosmodent India. It has become a familiar name when it comes to choosing the best oral health clinics in our country. The benefits that you get upon an implant from Cosmodent India are enormous. Take a look at some of the reasons why you should choose this clinic over the others. 

Best-in-class infrastructure

The treatment process may become really uncomfortable due to a lack of infrastructure. That is why Cosmodent India is equipped with all the modern features and facilities to make this process really convenient for you. With the availability of this state-of-the-Art infrastructure, the patients are able to experience the ultimate level of relaxation while the treatment procedure. 

Highly-skilled surgeons

Trust is a very significant thing when it comes to getting treatment from somewhere. The dental surgeons available here have all the great features that one should have. They are well-trained, well-educated, and skilled. As we have a group of surgeons for specific surgical processes, your will be able to go through the treatment with ease and you can expect excellent results. 

A warranty that lasts forever

This is quite an extraordinary feature that is hardly found in other Dental clinic in Delhi. The dental implant is a treatment with long-lasting effects. In case you don’t get the desired results, it may disturb you a lot in the long run. This is the reason why we offer a lifetime warranty for our treatments. So, you don’t have to worry when you face some issues in the future. 

Final words

We hope this article helped you in getting familiar with the concept of dental implant surgery. Visit the official website of Cosmodent India for more information about dental implants in India. Maintain dental health should be a primary concern for all of us in order to live a healthy and comfortable life. Get your perfect smile back and never lose it again with our help.

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