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If you usually work with metals, then you must have heard about the circular saws. But why is it different than a regular saw? Circular saws, as the name suggests, is a metallic disc with teeth. It is used to ensure clean cuts of different materials – from wood to metals. There are specific reasons why people prefer circular saw over other alternatives. Let’s find out!


Benefits of Using Circular Saw Blades

The benefits of using circular saw blades include:

  1. Not all kinds of saws are suitable for angle cutting. But circular saw blades are. You can use such blades even to cut concrete material.
  2. Unlike other tools that are used to cut into materials, circular saw blades do not get stuck into materials. You need to position it in a proper manner on the material.
  3. Circular saw blades can be used in different ways. You can achieve the precise cut that you want using such equipment. 

What Are The Different Circular Saw Blades?

Different types of circular saw blades are available in the market. These are:

  1. Plywood Blades

Plywood is not usually hard, and hence, the plywood circular blades have more teeth than a regular circular blade. The average number of teeth on a plywood blade is around 40. This type of blade can be used on any smooth material.

  1. Crosscutting Blade

In case you want to cut any wooden material, you need to use a crosscutting circular blade. It can swiftly go through the wood and had an exceptionally shallow gullet. However, this kind of blade can be operated at a slower rate. 

  1. Ripping Blades

These saw blades have a more bottomless gullet and are usually not used to cut a wooden blade. Instead, it is used to cut along one. Such type of blades has around 24 teeth on average. 

  1. Masonry Blade

Such kind of circular blades has no teeth on them. It is usually used to cut into masonry and not in the wood. This is not a cutting blade and is made with different materials. 

Selecting the Right Kind of Circular Saw Blade

There are different kinds of factors that influence your decision to purchase a circular saw blade. These are:

  • Type of Cut

The cut that you need influences the circular blade that you should purchase. There is a wide range of circular blades available in the market for different types of cuts. Another factor that you need to consider is whether you want a rough or a smooth cut. 

  • Material Used

The circular saw blade that is to be purchased should be compatible with the material you want to work with. For example, you cannot use a blade used on plywood on any other kind of material.

Now that you have basic knowledge about circular saw blades, you need to start looking for a seller as soon as possible. Try to take as much time as possible. You can purchase circular saw blades at different rates. Fix a budget and try to look for one that fulfils all of your requirements.

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