All You Should Know About Lace Front Wigs


Do you know about lace front wigs? Fashion and trends evolve every day and we need to meet the trends with appropriate choices. Today there is an increasing trend of hairstyles that demand  blow-dry and heat treatments. These styling treatments and steps eventually damage our hair.

So almost everyone among us wants to prevent their hair from getting heat treated. Therefore the best option is to choose the appropriate wig. You can find many types of wigs in the market and everyone has their specifications. but the frontal face wigs with lace have more popularity.

If you are new to it then this article is for you. Here we will share everything about the lace front wigs that you should know and enjoy new hairstyles.

What is lace front wig?

As the name shows, the lace front wig has lace at the frontal side that makes it easy to wear. The lace is at the front half of the wig that allows the users to wear it along with the hairline and get a natural look. It helped you to wear it all day long and didn’t damage your scalp and hair.

Almost every woman prefers choosing the lace front wig due to its superior quality of hair and different sizes. It is suitable for wearing during exercise, swimming, and many other activities.

Types of lace front wigs?

Lace front wigs further have different types that you can choose according to your choice. Here are some beneficial types of lace front wigs that you can choose and enjoy the new looks.

360 lace wig

The first type of lace front wig a 360 wig. It contains human hairs and is attached with the sheer lace around the whole hairline. All the hairs in the wig are attached with the front to end in the circular form. So it fits best in the hair and gives a natural look. you can tie your 360 lace front wig with the ponytail and increase its volume.

Full lace wig

The full lace wig type is also similar to the 360 lace wig. It also has a complete base covering that helps to make unique styles. The full lace human front wigs are a hundred percent natural and has hand-tied hairs. The glue wig is the more compatible option. You can achieve a more realistic look with a full lace wig.

Transparent lace human hair wig

The other type of lace front wig; a transparent lace human hair wig. As the name shows, the lace has no color and gives a more natural look. It has natural human hairs that are attached with transparent lace. The thin wig with the more skinny and scalp-like base. You can achieve plenty of styles with it.

HD lace wig

HD lace is a swiss lace that is light in weight, soft, and more delicate. If you want to achieve the natural hair look then prefer choosing the HD lace wig. It melts with your skin due to the invisible base. The HD lace wig is thin and more transparent than the other types.

How to wear lace front wig?

It is a common query from almost every user that how to wear the lace front wig correctly? So here is an easy-to-follow method for wearing the lace front wig and achieving the natural look.

Tie your hair properly to put on the lace front wig. Ensure that all the natural hairs are tucked up and don’t come at your hairline. conceal the hairline properly.

Wear your wig cap according to your choice. if you have a sensitive scalp then it acts as the preventive layer

Position your wig cap along the front natural hairline. gently pull the cap backward over your head.

Now put on your lace front wig. If it is according to your natural hairline then pull the wig cap slightly backward. However, wear the lace front wig along the hairline and adjust its position.

The nape of the lace front wig has straps. Tighten the straps and allow the wig to fit perfectly.

Now your front lace wig is set and you are ready for styling it. keep in mind that natural hairs in a wig are easy to style as compared to synthetic hairs. 

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