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What is an EMR system?

An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software provides a digital record of patients’ medical histories and allows an accurate and swift exchange of information to other specialists, laboratories and pharmacies. Modern EMR softwares are equipped with patient management, practice management, telehealth, billing mechanism and revenue management systems to give users complete control over their operations.

The need for an EMR system is now more than ever because of increased vulnerabilities due to Covid-19 and lockdowns. Such a system will enable users to provide prompt care to patients while lowering costs and chances of errors.

Allscripts EMR

Allscripts is a well-recognized name in the market because of its experience of more than 30 years and multiple strategic acquisitions that the company has executed. Currently, it offers two versions of its medical softwares; Sunrise and BOSSnet. Both these softwares aim to increase the operational, financial and clinical performance of enterprises of all sizes. 

Allscripts EMR Features 

Performance Management Tools

Better termed as a business intelligence solution provider, these features are powerful enough to crawl through a magnitude of information, letting go of redundant data and transforming meaningful information into actionable items. This narrowed down information is then the basis for improvements in productivity and revenues. The highlight of the system is the advanced dashboard that provides in a single look all scheduled appointments, unpaid dues and messages from patients and other medical practitioners. It also features analytical reports and comparative graphs to give deep insights of a facility’s operations.

E-prescribing Feature 

This feature will save you from dissemination of incorrect data and will save your patients from unnecessary trips to pharmacies and laboratories. Allscripts EMR connects to 50,000 pharmacies and multiple laboratories all over the country. After an appointment concludes, the assigned doctor will write a prescription of medicines or lab tests which the system will then share directly with the concerned facility. Through this, patients can also request for prescription refills.  

Mobile Application

The world has gone remote and so should be your EMR system. Allscripts offers a mobile application to its clients that allows them to carry out all activities that they could do on a desktop screen. This app is hosted on Android, iOS and windows and can be accessed with the same user login ID. Through the app, users can schedule appointments, write and share notes, prescribe treatment plans and communicate with patients. Additionally, users can execute all administrative activities via the app, like modifying flow sheets and creating reports.  

AdvancedMD EHR 

Advancedmd ehr software has been in the industry since 1999 and has been providing a competent and secure EHR system to practitioners of all fields. The EHR software of AdvancedMD is integrated with the company’s patient engagement and revenue management systems so as to provide a complete framework to achieve operational efficiencies. 

AdvancedMD EHR Features 


Since 1999, AdvancedMD is the sole software that has been built on the cloud platform. A cloud-based system means that there is no need for fancy and pricey hardware – all you need is an internet connection and any device of your choice. Additionally, there are no servers, licences or purchasable upgrades which means that the EHR system is sustainable for both short-term and long-term. As a practitioner, you would not be bound to an office but can use this system from any part of the world and that too at any time. The system allows its clientele to record intensive information and hourly back-ups and latest encryption technology means that data is secured. 

Customizable Templates

The company believes in creating an EHR system that is flexible to adapt to the requirements of the practitioner that utilizes it. Templates can be customized to fit a facility’s workflows, preferences and company culture. As a practitioner, you decide how simplified or detailed you want the templates to be. 


AdvancedMD offers its clients the facility of telemedicine so that quality care can be provided to patients no matter where they are. A comprehensive appointment dashboard shows all scheduled appointments on the calendar. Video consultations are provided to patients to mimic the feel of a physical visit. Patient portal allows patients to book appointments, pay for expenses, request for prescription refills and exchange images and messages with practitioners in a secure way.

Allscripts EMR vs AdvancedMD EHR; our verdict!

Both EMR systems are one-of-a-kind and will play a part in boosting a facility’s performance. While Allscripts EMR is best suited for larger enterprises with a sizable clientele, advancedmd ehr software is best suited for smaller facilities or individual practitioners as the system follows a pay-per-use model. To decide which EMR software to opt for, take into consideration your budget, level of remote working, number of patients visiting along with technical requirements.

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