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What is an EHR/EMR Software?

Before we dive into the main body of this piece wherein we describe in detail different features of two popular EHR software options, we want to discuss what exactly an EHR or an EMR software is. The term EHR stands for Electronic Health Records and EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records and both these software essentially do the same thing; help you manage patient files and your practice. These days EHR and EMR software are so advanced that they can help you with anything; from managing your practice to doing your billing. In this piece we will be talking about two software which are arguably the most popular in the EHR/EMR market. We will talk about AllScripts Demo and AdvancedMD EHR Software. So let us dive right into what these softwares are and what they are capable of and help you choose the right one for yourself. 

AllScripts EMR

Lab Integration for a More Convenient Practice

One of the most popular features in most EHRs these days is the lab integration feature and the lab integration feature on AllScripts EMR works like a charm. We recommend that you opt for an AllScripts demo yourself to check out the capabilities of the software. But the lab integration feature helps make ordering tests and receiving their results as soon as they are available much easier and hence, helps you both treat the patient more efficiently and more accurately since test results are easier to order and get delivered. 

A Patient Portal to Take the Stress Off of You

The patient portal feature on AllScripts EMR is great for various reasons, the biggest one being that it gets you off the hook with doing several administrative tasks. Patients can log into their portal and schedule their appointments for whenever they are available and it is convenient for them. Other than that, the software also sends text and email reminders to patients about their upcoming appointments which reduces the number of no-shows at your practice significantly. The AllScripts EMR pricing is worth the convenience this feature provides alone! 

Simplified Medical Templates

Medical templates make things much faster in any given situation since they run you down the list of usual questions you would ask and help you get information logged in much faster than you would have had you gathered the information manually. AllScripts EHR has great template options that you can choose from and help make data collection much easier than it was before for you. The same information that would take you hours upon hours to enter now only takes a couple of minutes; saving both you and your patients a lot of time and effort!

AdvancedMD EHR

Medical Billing and Finances made Easier

Now that we have talked extensively about AllScripts EHR, let us focus on AdvancedMD EHR and the features this software has. The first feature we will talk about is the billing feature which is among one of the favorite features this software has because of how well it handles patient billing. You get error free billing which helps in maintaining your patients as there is nothing more annoying than incorrect billing by a medical practice. Other than this, the financial features on this software are also amazing since they help in projecting future income among other things. 

Patient Charting was Never Simpler

Charting is an essential part of being a doctor since patient charts are your first introduction to a patient and their case. From their vitals to their history; everything should be readily available to you so you can view it. With patient charting features on this software, you are easily able to have the best extensive charts available to you for your patient so you can provide them with the best possible care. With patient history there, you do not have to worry about having to pull out extensive files from corners of your office since all the information you need is right there. 

Which Software you Should Invest in?

Now you are probably wondering which one of these two you should opt for, then we have a few tips on how you can make a decision for yourself. The first thing we advise is making a list of features you would ideally want to have in the software so that you can compare your wishlist with the features available in the different EHR software available in the market.

Another way you can decide is by reading up on AdvancedMD and AllScripts EMR reviews to see what current users think of the software. Another great way to know about these software, and which one would be best suited to you and your practice is to ask the vendor for a demo. Getting an AllScripts demo will help you figure out whether the software is suitable for your practice, or not. Hopefully these tips will help you figure out which software is better for your needs; AdvancedMD or AllScripts EMR!

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