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Harry Lewis, better known as W2S around the world, is a YouTuber who mainly posts about video games.

The video that made him famous was a commentary on the FIFA video game. Currently, the net worth of YouTube W2S is estimated at $ 6.5 million in 2022.

He began his career as a teenager; commented on the popular FIFA video game. He wrote posts every day on his YouTube channel and soon he became popular among the players.

Its YouTube channel W2et, which means WroetoShaw, currently has more than sixteen million subscribers. Since joining YouTube at the age of 14, he has garnered a lot of followers.

In addition, his YouTube videos have garnered millions of views and generated huge revenue.

If you’re a W2S fan, you may be wondering about your net worth, family, relationships, girlfriends, education, height, age, and more.

He gained great fame through his YouTube channel and made a lot of money. W2S net worth is estimated at $ 6.5 million.

After gaining popularity on his main channel, he launched his second game channel, where he played games other than FIFA.

The PewDiePie’s net worth channel alone has 3.41 million subscribers. This channel also makes little contribution to its net worth.

At the moment, he has a lot of money because he has been successful since he was 14 years old. Not only that, but thanks to its subscribers in video sharing apps, it ranks among the top 100 YouTubers.

The main reason for its popularity is its comments on FIFA video games. He started his channel in 2012 at the age of 14.

At the time, he once posted a video on his channel. It was soon noticed by players and now has almost 16.1 million subscribers.

Immediately after it became the center of attention, he was invited and included in the game group; The end point.

The group had seven members, the youngest of whom was only sixteen at the time.

He also used many tactics to gain more followers and become the center of attention.

One of his most popular jokes was an iPod gift, where he tricked people and gave an iPod to his brother as a gift.

Although he later admitted that he had gained a lot of customers through this scam.

W2S Biography and Wiki

The popular YouTuber W2S was born on November 24, 1996 in Guernsey, England. It’s twenty-four now.

He was born and raised in Guernsey. However, he moved to a new home in London and in 2014 began living with his good friends Callux and Calfreezy.

W2S – Early life and education

There are a few things that are generally known about his teaching. He enrolled at Guernsey Grammar School in St. Louis. Andrew, Guernsey.

Although he could not go to college due to lack of interest. He dropped out of high school and never went again.

Since graduating from high school, he has lost interest in reading and created a YouTube channel.

Now he is comfortable with his future and doesn’t bother to make money. W2S is now twenty-four years old. It has good physics and is 5 feet and 10 inches tall, making it 1.78 m high.

Compared to his height, he weighs 74kg, which is 163 pounds per pound. Body size is usually not available.

W2S siblings and parents

Harry Lewis’ family is unknown to the public. Like other celebrities, he does not disclose his private life in his social holdings.

People don’t see his father and mother; only her mother’s name is known, Sue Lewis.

As for his brothers, he has only one brother and one sister. His sister’s name is Rosie Lewis and his brother’s name is Josh Lewis.

Three of them studied together and one in high school. Additional information about the two is not yet known to the public.

Lewis seems to have had a good relationship with all of his siblings. Josh and Rosie have appeared in many W2S videos and all of them commented on the FIFA game.

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