rick simpson oil


Amounts needed to make Rick Simpson Oil:

One pound of plant material (453g) will require 2 gallons (8-9l) of solvent to perform the two washes. If you plan to produce more or less Rick Simpson oil keep the rule of three in mind when determining how many solvents you will need. The whole process takes 3-4 hours to complete, then it only remains to use the drug.

It should be mentioned that this Rick Simpson oil can be stored for a very long time. So if we wish we can keep it in a stainless steel container cut off from the light. If you store it this way, in a cool, dry place, you can maintain its medicinal capacity for many years …

At first, some may be put off by the task of producing their Rick Simpson oil, but in reality, the process is extremely simple. All you need to do is follow the directions carefully and once you get the medicine you will find that it is no more difficult than making a good cup of coffee. Producing your own medicine by eliminating any commercial middleman, without spending money in pharmacies and without having to go back in most cases is incredible.

Recommended solvents for making medicinal marijuana Rick Simpson oil:

As we read in Rick Simpson’s original recipe, he uses Rick Simpson oil as a solvent for oil extraction. It is also possible to perform extractions with solvents such as ethanol (100% alcohol), or another more recommended option: olive oil. Regarding possible solvents for the extraction of marijuana, oil studies have been carried out recently (2013) which talk about the solvent residues in the final samples of oils. Where to buy rick simpson oil is a common question the most customer ask. Ricksimpsonoilcal is the site where you can order it online.

It should be noted that Rick Simpson oil used by Rick Simpson is dangerous during handling because it is highly flammable. Also, this solvent can be found in different qualities, more or less variable. Rick does not specify the amount of Rick Simpson oil or the source of its product. The major disadvantage of Rick Simpson oil is that according to the studies carried out it leaves small residues behind it, but the analyzes show that there is no problem due to the healing power of the oil (This claim is not scientifically proven).

Extract with alcohol or tinctures: Tinctures or alcohol extractions are generally more powerful than those based on olive oil, thanks to the extraction efficiency of the active ingredients. You can use dry alcohol (Tequila, Orujos…) or a 96% brandy alcohol. IMPORTANT: ALWAYS USE FOOD ALCOHOL. If you are using 96% brandy, always allow the alcohol to evaporate to reduce its content. We know that the more powerful the alcohol, the less it will take to be effective (due to the active ingredients contained in the powerful alcohol).

The process for extracting oil from alcohol

 Fill a glass container with chopped heads, fill with alcohol, and then close. Keep away from light. The container should be kept closed for 30 to 40 days, stirring the contents every 2-3 days. During this time filter and keep. The main advantage of alcohol extractions is that we can let them evaporate to adapt it to our tastes. Alcohol extract usually keeps better and its dosage is easier than with olive oil extracts.

Two daily doses recommended (initially 2 to 3 drops, to be adapted as need). Can be mixed with food, diluted in water, applied under the tongue (this method may be too powerful for some people with mild alcohol tastes). For internal or external use (externally it is very useful for skin cancer, burns, scars, and rheumatic pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Medicinal oil extract with olive oil: For this method, we recommend using the extra virgin oil first pressing (best quality). First, chop the dry marijuana buds to make it easier to extract the active ingredients. Fill the glass jar with the chopped buds and the remaining olive oil to the top and seal. Extraction of medicinal properties:


Leave the glass jar closed for two months of maceration – We recommend the “Sun and Serenity” method without direct light, covered with opaque paper in the open air so that it heats up during the day and cools down the night. At the end of these two months shake the jar every 3 to 4 days so that the oil mixes well. Once the maceration time has passed, place it in a clean, sterilized jar in a dark place for better conservation.

Quick way:

If you don’t want to wait two months of maceration, you can heat the jar containing the crushed heads and olive oil over low heat in a bain-marie for 90 to 120 minutes. After this time it is good to heat the oil over slow heat for 30 minutes (while controlling the temperature so as not to exceed 120 ° C and thus proceed to the decarboxylation of the cannabinoids). After this final step, let cool and filter the contents.

If you want to keep the oil for a long time it is best to have patience and wait two months for the maceration to finish, but in any case, this method is safe, economical, and 100% safe. The best way to dose this extraction is using a spoon apply in the food (we remind you that the fact of not using a solvent makes the oil less powerful so you will have to invest more to obtain the desired effects). So in a salad or to cook in general this oil is perfect. Depending on your tolerance from 2 to 15 drops “times a day.

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