TP-Link extender


Have you thought of connecting a router to your TP-Link extender? You’re having trouble connecting your extender to the router, aren’t you? If your response to these questions is an emphatic yes, then you need to familiarise yourself with basic facts and ideas linked to your network, such as SSID and password, in order to make the process of setting up your TP-Link extender via http // as simple and straightforward as possible.

Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to discuss the usefulness of TP-Link WiFi extenders. TP-Link extenders, which are also known as wireless repeaters, are compatible with the routers manufactured by any firm. If you connect your router and extender to each other, you will be able to take advantage of an improved internet experience across all across your house. It is recommended that you connect the TP-Link WiFi extender to the home network that you are already using if you want to have trouble-free access to the WiFi device that you are using. Continue reading.

How to Connect TP-Link Extender to Internet?

Step1: Power Up the Extender

Connect the TP-Link extender to a power source using the plug provided. Be careful to install your extender in the same room as your router. This will provide the best possible connection. This step must be completed before the process of setting up the TP-Link extender can be considered finished. After you have completed everything, you are free to relocate the extender to another location.

Step2: Connect the Extender to the Router

The next step is to connect the TP-Link wireless range extender to the host router. You can do so using either a wired or wireless connection. If you decide to use a wire for the connection, specifically use an Ethernet cable. Just ensure that it has no cuts.

Step3: Access the Web Address

Launch a web browser of your choice and go to the address bar, where you will input the web address in order to access the TP-Link repeater login page. Avoid entering the web address in the search bar of the browser.

Step 4: Enter the Admin Details

Followed by moving on to the TPlink wireless extender setup page, you must first enter the default login username and password. Simply carry out the installation of the Tplink WiFi repeater by following the on-screen instructions displayed on the setup wizard.

Step 5: Change the Network Name of TP-Link extender

It is recommended that you use a name that is one of a kind for the local area network that your TP-Link repeater is connected to if you would want to protect your home network from unidentified intrusions.

Step 6: Access the Internet

When you have finished making adjustments to your network security settings, you should simply save them and then make an attempt to make all your devices access the network of the TP-Link wireless range extender.

Step 7: Change the TP-Link extender Location

It is now time to choose the position where you would want your extender to be placed. Pull the plug on your TP-Link wireless repeater and wait for some time before attempting to set it up in a new place.

Bonus Tip

Although you will be able to set up the TP-Link wireless range extender using the Manual method with ease, in case, you are not able to, it is recommended that you use the TP Link login app to execute the same process.

The Bottom Line

Congratulations! You have successfully completed all of the steps necessary to connect your TP-Link WiFi extender to the Internet. If you run into any problems when setting up. If you have anything else on your mind that you want to share with your fellow readers, make use of the comment section.