Wedding gowns are keepsakes. It is one of those things that you can save from the Big Day – something tangible to remind you of the splendid day. Thus, gown preservation services are on the rise these days. Women typically spend hours imagining and planning their wedding. Everything from colors, the venue, flowers, and the attire are planned down to the smallest detail. In fact, some brides try dozens of dresses to find the right one. And this is what makes wedding gown preservation all the more meaningful. A professional wedding gown preservation company opts for an eco-friendly preservation process, and saves the dress from yellowing, stretching, or damage from stains and weather elements.

How long does a wedding dress preservation take?

Depending on your location and the time of the year, the wedding gown preservation may take 4-10 weeks of time.

  • Once you’ve zeroed in on a reliable gown preservation service, you’d be sent an initial packaging.
  • Pack the wedding gown neatly into it and mail it back. The gown would thus be delivered to the facility. These two steps are only applicable if the wedding gown preservation company is not located close to your place.
  • Once the gown arrives for preservation, it is cleaned and treated for stains. Some professional gown cleaning and preservation companies also offer repair services. This is particularly helpful if the dress needs stitching and beading repairs.
  • Once the gown is thoroughly cleaned, it is shipped back in specialized packaging.
  • Store the preserved wedding gown away from sunlight, in a climate-controlled room. Follow the company’s guidelines regarding gown storage. It will prolong the life of the gown.

How long can the dress be preserved?

The wedding gown preservation process has been designed to keep the gown in pristine condition for decades. Some of the most reliable and professional gown preservation companies offer a lifetime guarantee of about 75-80 years! However, the guarantee doesn’t ensure damage-free or stain-free gowns, and instead means the length of time that the company will conduct retreatment if necessary within the period mentioned. So, if you notice yellowing of the preserved garment, you can send it in for a retreatment completely free of cost.

Can you wear a wedding gown after having it preserved?

Your wedding dress would still be your wedding dress even when it is in the preservation box, and taking the gown out of it won’t instantly vaporize it! It is your heirloom and so you can always take it out of the box, albeit it would null the preservation guarantee. So, consult with your preservation expert before you take it out of the box.

Most gown preservation companies do not seal the box as the process may trap moisture or contaminants inside. If you want to take the dress out of the box, put on cotton gloves to keep the gown unblemished. That said, if you or someone from your family wants to wear the gown or upcycle it, you’d have to take it out. The process would break the guarantee, and if you would like to get it preserved once more, you’d have to opt for the process again.

How often should you check the gown?

Once you’ve reached out to a reliable wedding gown preservation company, and have had the gown cleaned and preserved, store it in a safe, climate-controlled area, and check it once every year or so. If you’ve followed the guidelines of storing in away from sunlight and moist places, a quick visual inspection should be enough to find out if it’s in top condition or not.

How to find the best gown preservation service?

Whether you are looking for a gown preservation service that offers a sealed solution or one that prefers archival preservation, you can always find an array of options to meet your gown preservation needs and budget. Go through reputable recommendations and reliable reviews with before and after pictures to better understand their expertise, and find out if other brides have been happy with the service.

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