Apple’s personalized iwatch band is a smartwatch made by Apple, a company famous for devices like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that has sold millions of units worldwide. It was unveiled in September 2011 and is considered one of Apple’s groundbreaking technologies that will compete with rival smartphone companies and producers such as Samsung.

This device will allow us to do basic tasks like Facebook updates, read messages, and even send “Siri” calls. In addition, the watch has apps like Health, Calendar, Weather, Mail, Messages, and even Apple’s Passbook that will include NFC and Maps.

This gadget is one that you haven’t forgotten about all the exercise lovers because it also has fitness apps like Nike Fuelband and other fitness apps. Because of this watch, Apple has released a new software developer kit that could bring a whole new look to the iTunes App Store.


This wearable device comes in three designs which are:

– Ordinary Apple personalized iwatch band has a stainless steel case

– The Apple Watch sports version has a silver or space gray aluminum body

– Apple Watch Special Edition mixed with 18-carat yellow or rose gold to give you that fancy look with your golden iPhone 5S

These designs also allow for interchangeable straps. The user also has the choice to choose between small and large-sized screens. This watch comes in six different colors to get you even more excited:

– Rust-resistant spatula

– Silver aluminum

– Space black stainless steel

– Space gray aluminum

– 18-carat yellow gold and

– 18 carat rose gold.

For those of you who have heard of the “Bandgate” incident, it is safe to say that there is no need to worry. This is because the watch is made of a custom alloy of stainless steel and aluminum which allows it to withstand the physical demands of your daily activities and avoid the occurrence of other twist gates. This great device comes with the following features that you can enjoy:


1) It has a digital crown

Sounds fancy, isn’t it?  The digital crown is the knot that will be on the watch. It takes its look from the traditional themed winder found on the watch but looks more modern with it. This input method will be used in this gadget. The clock allows you to simply zoom in and out on your apps, map location, and photos. Pressing it will allow you to access Siri and bring you back to the home screen.

2) Taptic feedback

This is a great feature that Apple brings to its watches. This feature allows you to communicate by tapping on the screen which sends a “taptic” response (which is like a subtle and precise vibration) to your friend’s watch. It’s like a Morse code that allows the user to communicate with friends by tapping on the screen. But not only that, but Apple has also come up with swipe chat. It lets you draw and sketch pictures then send them to your friends, light and easy form of messaging.

3) Conversation button

The gadget comes with a button under the digital crown. This enables the user to talk to friends. This is done by pressing the button which will bring up the contact information and pictures. 

4) Replaceable straps

It’s just amazing what Apple did with the watch. The gadget has straps that can be replaced without going to the repair shop, all you have to do is buy the straps and the rest is up to you. It’s so easy !!

 The device comes in a variety of strap designs such as leather loops, modern and traditional leather straps, and a gym-friendly elastomer sport band. We all know that Apple has high-quality things that go with the Milanese loop band with flexible magnetic stainless steel mesh and a stainless steel link bracelet.

Price and availability

The Apple Watch was brought in as a direct competitor to the Android smartwatch. The gadget will have a chance to do so in March 2015, according to several rumors. Apple has not yet confirmed the release date of this watch. It will cost up to $ 349 and is compatible with iPhone 5 and later models. So, there is no luck for the other models below the iPhone 5.

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