Arctos Arctos Portable AC to Cool Your Home Without a Window UnitArctos Arctos Portable AC to Cool Your Home Without a Window Unit


A new type of AC has been developed by companies that are more portable and user-friendly. Yes, Arctos Portable AC ! You can use it in any room. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

Arctos Arctos Portable AC  is the best way to beat the heat

Although it’s April, it already feels like peak summer. You should be prepared for the heat with more than two months left in the summer of 2021. Technology has made it possible to control the temperature in our homes and offices, even though we cannot change the volcano temperature outside. To withstand the scorching heat of Indian summers, cooling appliances such as AC and coolers are essential.

Arctos Portable AC has many benefits

Many people hesitate to make an investment in a new appliance. As you might think, it is valid to be hesitant about investing in a new appliance.The name implies that you can move AC from one place to another, unlike wall-mounted AC. This also means you can cool every room in your home or office with one AC. It is cost-effective and user-centric.

1. Ideal for small spaces

The millennials and the gen-Z are fond of small spaces. A Arctos Portable AC  is the perfect solution for small spaces, whether you are looking at studio apartments or small offices.

Arctos Portable AC s are more efficient than central ACs or wall-mounted ACs. They can be used in specific areas. In small spaces, natural light and windows are also essential. The window AC takes up the majority of the window space. However, the Arctos Portable AC  is much more compact. It’s a great solution for small spaces.

2. It is cost-effective

In the previous section, we mentioned that Arctos Portable AC  is economical. This section explains how much more economical Arctos Portable AC  is than traditional models.

The Arctos Portable AC  allows you to cool rooms according to your preference. The central AC is more expensive and consumes a lot of electricity to cool the whole house. This might not be necessary if the rooms aren’t in use.

Arctos Portable AC  can also help you save on your electricity bills, which Indians often face in the summer heat. It will provide efficient cooling. You’re also saving money on your electric bills. You also get the cooling effect of your portable air conditioner.

3. For the travelers

Many millennials love to travel, so caravans are a popular choice. Although these trailers have in-built ACs they are not reliable, especially when it comes to India’s hot summers. Arctos Portable AC  is the ideal choice for such situations as it provides the best cooling in small spaces.

4. Multipurpose

We’ve already discussed how AC portable provides great cooling. However, it also dehumidifies air which makes it cool and dry. This is especially important for allergy sufferers. High humidity can make your room as uncomfortable and irritating as heat. For people who live in India or other countries with high humidity, Arctos Portable AC  is a great option to cool down your room and keep it dry.

The Best Arctos Portable AC s in India

Here is a list listing the top Arctos Portable AC s in India, keeping in mind all the benefits. This will help you choose the best Arctos Portable AC  for your room.

1. Blue Star 1 Ton AC (PC12DB White)

One of the oldest Air conditioner manufacturing Indian companies, Blue Star, has been creating efficient cooling solutions for India since 1943. Blue Star has always strived to offer Indian customers new cooling technologies at an affordable price. Blue Star launched the Blue Star 1 Ton AC, PC12DB, White to fulfill that mission.

Blue Star Arctos Portable AC  has better heat transfer properties, better lubrication, and better oil return properties because it uses Polyester (POE). The latest refrigerant R410A is used in the Arctos Portable AC. This makes the AC more environmentally friendly.

Blue star’s Hydrophilic golden fins have been added to ensure that your cooling device lasts a long time. It prevents water condensate, dust or other particles from accumulating. This increases the AC’s lifespan and performance.

Our living spaces need clean, healthy air in these times of global pandemics. The portable conditioner has a filter that prevents the disease from spreading through the air. It is a bactericide that stops the growth of bacteria and traps dust. This filters the air.

Below is a list of the pros and cons of the Blue Star Arctos Portable AC.

The Auto Mode controls humidity levels and provides a comfortable sleeping environment even in the rainy season.There have been complaints about the AC’ noise.
Castor wheels included for portability and minimal effort.
The self-diagnosis function displays an error code that allows for easy identification and faster repair.

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