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Be it an underground parking space or the usual open parking, you need to ensure that the entire foundation is safe with maximum allotments for the cars. If that’s not the case, you are going to face a lot of problems, be it in terms of public chaos or lawsuits. And these aren’t just a few words because surveys have shown that the real parking and traffic picture is just like this- messed up and filled with legal violation cases.

This is why you will need the traffic control elements which will further help you to keep a check on the drivers entering, parking, and then leaving your parking compound. There are several traffic and parking control elements, starting from the road bumps to the bollards. But few parts are compulsory to install such as the wheel stoppers.

Does this sound like an alien name for you?

If that’s the case then it means you aren’t aware of the truth about how the wheel stops have changed the scenario of parking traffics? In the forthcoming article, we will try to make you more knowledgeable by discussing the relevant facts about the stops.

What Are Wheel Stops And What Are Its Features?

Before learning more about the stops, you need to first learn what wheel stop exactly is. From the name itself you can understand that these elements bring the motion wheels to a stop. Think of it as a raised platform and you are walking backward. The moment your ankle will come in contact with it, your lower limb will halt. The same happens with a car when the wheel stops are kept in its path.

To know more about these stops, here are the features of this traffic controlling safety element.

  • The wheel stoppers usually show a medium to a high level of resistance to both oil and heat.
  • These tops are very easy to install, because of which most parking owners love these elements over everything else.
  • They occupy a lot less space as compared to other objects, thereby keeping your parking space spacious.
  • They are more long-lasting, easily visible since a car comes to stop and doesn’t collide with the same, thereby causing damage to the traffic control equipment.

What Are The Different Wheel Stop Types Found In The Market?

You will find two main types of wheel stops in the market. These are the rubber stops and the concrete steps. Each of them has its own set of cons and pros. Hence, before you, a particular type, make sure that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both the wheel stop types.

How Do The Wheel Stoppers Help In Controlling Parking Traffic?

Since you will be installing the wheel stops in your car parking compound, we think it’s important for you to realize how these help in controlling the accidents and mishaps caused by the cars at the time of maneuvering the vehicle around the space.

  • They help in controlling the speed of the car at the time of back gear.
  • These blocks will let the drivers know where they have to stop.
  • They are indeed effective breakpoints in case the parking lot Is divided into differently arranged spaces.

Where Do You Need To Install These Traffic Stops?

The last thing you need to know is about the places where you can install these wheel stops.

  1. In the residential areas, especially if you have an open parking lot and the area is surrounded by pedestrian lanes.
  2. You need to install these blockers right in front of the stores, to control the traffic and reduce the chances of accidents.
  3. If the parking lot has a lot of uneven surfaces, placing these blockers is necessary for safety and proper co-ordination of space.


If you want to know more about these wheel stops, you will at least have to buy one and then install it to have a real hands-on experience. Rest assured, the details we have mentioned here will help you a lot in deciding how effective this particular parking traffic controller is.

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