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Cybercrime can hit you in a variety of different forms, ranging from phishing, spoofing, cyber defamation, bank card fraud to online transaction fraud etc. And if you’re a victim, rather than panicking it’s better to follow the standard route and take the problem head on in true sense.    

If the cyber crime is grave in nature, it’s always better to report the matter to the police and let the law take its course. And if you think the crime is not that grave or it has not harmed you much, you may think of taking help of one of top sleuths of India.

Whatever approach you decide to take, make sure you’re focused on reaching to the core of the matter so that the culprit can be caught. Too many people now also seek professional form detective agency in Delhi and achieve desired results into the matter.

Here are some of steps to follow when you feel you’re a victim of cyber crime –

Frequently change your passwords 

Using the same passwords for your accounts for years means you’re definitely inviting trouble. And when your passwords to different online accounts are not changed in years, this means hackers and frauds may have got the wind of them somehow, somewhere. To minimize the chances of cyber crimes, it’s always advisable to frequently change your passwords.

Set strong passwords

Most cybercrimes of financial nature happen to those people whose account passwords are weak. If your online accounts, cards and other web identity have strong passwords, chances of their breach stay low. So, the priority should on regularly changing the passwords to your accounts together with using strong passwords having different unique combinations of letters and numerals and symbols. 

Keep your social media profiles private and secure 

Your social media profiles –be it Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter – might be giving a little bit more away that it should. This happens in cases where profiles are public with no regular check to security settings. You should avoid such mistakes and rather focus on going private with your social media accounts. This means you need to keep in mind two things – first, you need to keep the account private so that only people from your friend list can access the information and second, you needn’t share more than what such platforms deserve sharing.

Give more focus to your mobile device’s security 

No private detective in Delhi can help much if your mobile devices are not secured. And when devices lacks security, this is when the risks to hacking, viruses and malware etc go notches up. There are three ways to keep your mobile devices secured;

  • Avoid downloading apps and software and games from sites or sources that are not trusted
  • Update your operating system on a regular basis
  • Install popular anti-virus software on the computer
  • Have a secure phone lock screen

Give attention to protecting your date and identity

It’s always important to think of protecting your data and identity at all times to minimize the risks of cyber crimes. You should use encryption to your sensitive information (such as financial data and card details) to provide safety to your sensitive data. Apart from that, you’re always advised to avoid any online transaction with a site that is not secure or that looks dubious. And above all, it’s vital never to give away your personal information (such as name, job details, financial records, bank account info etc) to anyone. 

Trust a private detective to find out the offender

When you’re a victim of cyber crime and you don’t want to approach the police before getting some evidence into the matter, you can always turn to a detective in Delhi for the same. While the police are always a call away to help in any matters, you can also think of benefiting from the expertise and cutting-edge knowledge of a top detective agency in Delhi. That would put you in an advantageous position in respect to deciding the next course of action.


While cyber crime can come in any form or may strike anyone without notice, you can always trust the skills of a top detective agency in Delhi to crack the case and gain solid evidence to catch the culprit.

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