Common Fears People Have in Recovery

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Today ask yourself a question. Are you alright? Are you healthy? And many of us may say yes, but we do that because we only consider physical health. But we don’t realize it takes both physical and mental stability to make a person perfectly healthy. It’s not surprising that every one of us becomes a little bit anxious or nervous before an unusual happening like going for a job interview, talking in front of a crowd, things not going according to the plan. And that is totally normal but the problem occurs when it gets to a clinical-stage.

Over the last two years we’ve seen people lose their near and dear ones to a deadly virus and since then have been living in fear. The pandemic has definitely played a vital role in the rise of mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders amongst adults. 18.1 percent of the United States population are affected by anxiety disorders every year and most of them chose not to address it till it gets to a point where they will have no choice but to consult a professional.

We live in a world where expectations on every person are sky high and we constantly try to meet up with them but in the process, we fail to notice how our mental wellness deteriorates at a high pace. Some of us also blatantly and some of us unknowingly ignore the fact that not being in a healthy state of mind, most likely leads to having physical problems as well.

That being said, it is extremely important for an individual to take care of their mental health before it gets out of their hand and stay away from maladaptive coping skills to deal with anxiety-provoking situations. Sometimes to deal with stress people start engaging themselves in seld destructive activities such as drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or using street drugs or smoking frequently or doing other activities that are destructive like getting involved in gambling or watching television for too many hours and a lot more.

The cause of mental health disorders is major because of genetics that is having a family history of mental illness or personality factors like obsessive compulsive personality where an individual sets too high standards for themselves and when they can’t meet the standards it ultimately results in stress.

One should try to make stress management a priority in one’s life. It usually comprises exercise, adequate and healthy diet, work-life balance, and modifying goals and expections in life. When you think you cannot handle all the hectic schedule you have taking a break to sort things out for yourself does help a lot. Don’t ever hesitate to act when you think something is off about your wellness. You can start by getting professional help to quit addictions or getting therapy could also aid you in making your condition better.

A lot of us seem to forget how mental health is not just something for adults, kids go through things too and they too face challenges in being stable with their mental health. For instance le’s talk about a kid with ADHD, which is a disorder that makes the kid less likely to pay attention or stay still for a long time. As parents, it is your responsibility to observe them and take notes of what you can do to help them.

Always keep in mind, when you are mentally stable and you know someone that isn’t never try to ignore them or not consider talking to them. If you are scared to talk just tell them in a good way that you might not be of much help. But always try to listen. And another thing to always remember is that taking medication for your mental health conditions is a huge step and you shouldn’t do it without consulting a medical professional. It may make things worse.

With all that being said good health means mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being and not just the absence of disease. However, normality in mental health isn’t defined but abnormality is defined by factors like behavior causing distress to self or others. It is absolutely normal to take care of yourself. After all, you could care for others only when you are perfectly healthy. So, stay safe and stay healthy.

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