The #fitness freaks can now relax and take a sigh of relief as the government of India has lifted the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions on #gyms and fitness centers which were imposed and asked to temporarily close to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. Coronavirus is transmitted from one person to another through direct shake hands and droplets expelled through eyes, nose, or mouth and can live in the atmosphere for 4 hours. To avoid the spread and reduce the human transmission, WHO had ordered people to STAY at HOME and STAY SAFE and governments had to take precautionary steps by closing down businesses of public gatherings including gyms and fitness centers. 

Why is COVID-19 a blessing in disguise for people who can’t live without a gym and workout?

Now that the restrictions are lifted (majorly because of the economic impact the lockdown was having over the country’s economy) and people are asked to live life as normal with few modifications of social distancing, wearing masks, and going out of home for necessities only. Now, when people are still struggling to come to terms with the new norms and battling out to follow their life as it was before COVID-19  it is going to be tough unless a vaccine is out in the market.

Considering the above conditions it is going to be a challenge for people to match the current way of life with life before COVID-19. Having said that it is still very important for people to perform a few daily life activities necessary for survival. This may include working for means of income, doing exercise to stay fit as it is very important to maintain immunity during this pandemic and one way to improve your immunity levels is a regular workout.

To cover up for losses incurred and maintain business as usual, many gyms are coming up with different plans to attract the crowd

  1. Cleaning of gym utilities after every use and ambiance every hour with essential oils
  2. Disinfecting the complete gym premises regularly
  3. Installing water dispensers for clients as it is very important to keep ourselves hydrated all the time.
  4. Keeping workout benches and other equipment apart to maintain social distancing norms.
  5. Temperature check and sanitizing the hands and body before entering the gym

Even after the above-mentioned precautions are taken, thoughts of staying safe and continuing their fitness schedule are lingering in the minds of most fitness addicted people. But the important question is HOW? There is an answer to this question and it is online gym and workout sessions, where you can resume your fitness regime by working out and sweating from HOME.

Most of the gyms and fitness centers are now coming up with services of gymming from home by providing online workout sessions as the course of action to battle out the current crisis crunch. The best part of this initiative is you don’t need to restrict or contain yourself with one trainer even though he is not at par. As you can go through the list of gyms and fitness trainers available online and can choose from the best available service. To subdue our necessities and overcome the challenges there are many fitness apps in the market that have come to our rescue. These fitness applications have clientele with nearby gyms of your areas to provide you untimely service.

One such application is FITSAPP developed by Sheliza Technologies. I have personally downloaded this app on my mobile and have been a member of fitsapp for more than 3 months now. I must say, the service they have been providing me has kept me asking for more. This app is best fitted for all my fitness needs. Then be it online training classes, light on my pocket with budget-friendly packages, timely discounts and coupons, or friendly and tireless service towards their clients.

Although there are a lot of fitness applications in the market, meeting our expectations by matching our needs is going to be a challenge. I would personally suggest to my viewers to try and make the best use of services provided by fitsapp and I’m sure you will like it too. In my opinion, Fitsapp is the best fitness app in India, and among all the services provided by them I like, “Trainers at Home” as they’re providing assistance to me in getting back to shape after all that fat gain during the lockdown.

Thank you FITSAPP for making my lockdown productive and better.

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