Very few people know that there are at present more than 100,000 civilian-driven armored cars on the road all across the world. To the common person, the need or even the difference brought forth by armored vehicles is lost, and understandably so. They do not look much different and can be intentionally deceptive to the eye. Over the past 20 years, the armored vehicle industry has evolved from vintage-looking tanks like their forefathers to including electric cars and similar family-friendly alternatives.

The purpose of armored vehicles is to blend in and be as inconspicuous as possible, so do not blame it for looking no different. Sometimes, they are built to stand out- military vehicles and police cruisers are the best examples. But barring those, how can you tell which one is an armored vehicle?

A Heavy-Duty Steel Frame

This is one of the first things to take note of in an armored vehicle, because this is a basic feature. A ballistic-grade steel is added to the frame of armored vehicles and that can make the body of these vehicles look different from your everyday car. The whole frame is typically covered with tempered steel and attached like a jigsaw puzzle with no gaps. This is the best way for a remodeled car to maintain its shape while getting a higher level of security.

Ballistic Glass

As is expected, the glass used for armored vehicles is not the same as regular cars.The windows get a mix of leaded glass and polycarbonate substrates to allow the windshields, middle and rear windows to absorb energy from any and all assaults without breaking. Typically made 1 to 3 inches thick, these strengthened glasses have to be installed from scratch to ensure utmost security.

Rebuilt Mechanics

Owing to the extra weight of the glass and the steel, armored vehicles usually come with modified suspension, breaks, and similar engine components to facilitate hailing them effortlessly. Afterall, an armored vehicle that takes a lot of strength and effort to drive defeats the purpose during threats. So, you can expect armored vehicles to feel different to drive once they are completely outfitted.

Robust Bumpers and Tires

Did you know that the bumpers on armored vehicles can run through most of everything? In an event of a threat, they are meant to get passengers to safety by hook or by crook, and this includes bumpers that are equipped to withstand repeated impact and tires that maintain function even after a puncture.

Advanced technologies are on the way that will soon let armored vehicles become more transparent and less bulky and heavy-duty, while still amping up security benefits. Nowadays, ballistic glasses are already much lighter and more strengthened than they used to be. Self-inflating tires and better car designs make it impossible to tell an armored vehicle from a regular one.

So, next time you are on the road and you wonder whether the vehicle next to you is armored, check for all the tell-tale signs. And if you are tempted to get one yourself, be it for your employment purposes or your public status, ExecArmor will be ready with a robust catalog!