Armour, Helmet and Ballistic Plates Package


It’s critical to keep in mind that nothing is “bulletproof.” Make sure your ballistic panels are placed and inserted correctly.

The effectiveness of our armour can be impacted by several types of ammunition and environmental factors. Rest assured that while we put our lives in our armour, we cannot guarantee that the protective gear will operate well in a ballistic situation. Our body armour is merely bullet resistant, therefore there is always a chance you may get hurt or killed if a bullet hits you.

Any oral agreement or warranty of any sort must be in written and signed in order to be legally binding. Statements or descriptions are provided for informative purposes only and in no way constitute a guarantee. Any obligation is restricted to fixing or replacing broken equipment; subsequent losses are not policy. The buyer bears the complete risk relating to the product’s performance and quality.

Body Armour

Soldiers have traditionally been protected on the battlefield by body armour. People have always sought out greater personnel protection, from the usage of leather in the east to chain mail in the west. The goal of creating current lightweight body armour has always been to create lighter and stronger materials so that performance improvements may be made at a lower weight.

FAST Level IIIa Ballistic Helmet

A global benchmark for safety and protection in law enforcement is the FAST Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet. The device offers the best night vision and thermal imaging system setup and is readily fitted with a variety of helmet mount options.

Our ballistic helmets are based on the popular Ops-Core Maritime High Cut Fast Helmet. Currently, soldiers and police forces all around the world utilise this type of helmet. The operator may run hearing protection either below the helmet or directly mounted to it. 

Level 3a ballistic clipboard

The Level IIIA Bulletproof Clipboard was created and produced using revolutionary technology, and it is constructed of an extremely light, ultra-thin ballistic polymer that can survive multiple shot hits from handgun fire. The Legacy Safety & Security Level IIIA Bulletproof Clipboard is your solution for quick safety, security, and the confidence you need for those serious threats.

Level IV Silicon Carbide Ceramic Ballistic Plate                                

We provide a level 4 solution that is lightweight: silicon carbide. These plates are made of an extremely high molecular weight polyethylene backing plate and a multilayer matrix of silicon carbide tiles. Since the ceramic tiles break the bullet and the UHMWPE backing plate collects all the pieces, these plates create almost minimal spall. These plates are for you if you want level 4 Armour. All of our ceramic plates are shooters cut, single curve, and multi-hit rated.

To protect law enforcement, security contractors, the military, first responders, and worried civilians, offers a full line of military and law enforcement grade Level IIIA, III, III+, III++, IV and Special Threat hard armour ceramic plate. Our ceramic plates have been tested and verified to meet standards for advanced threat protection and safety.

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