PHP and ASP.NET, both are widely used platforms for building applications or website development. Both have a broad base and are used by a wide number of developers. On one hand, PHP is a free, open-source platform and is a general scripting language trusted by a number of developers. While on the other hand, ASP.NET is a paid Microsoft platform. So, let us get into the details of both the programming languages individually, then we can understand how they are different from each other. MVC.Net Development Services provides all kinds of services to their customers as per the requirement of their business.


ASP.NET was first released in January 2002 and since then it’s continuously developing. The best part of ASP.NET is that it is independent from the language and thus, developers can create any .NET applications by utilizing .NET supported language.

Also, ASP.NET provides full support to JavaScript, CSS, HTML. It helps to combine the server code with HTML in a faster way which consequently helps to create the dynamic pages of the website. This framework is also compatible with its previous version called by name, ASP.NET MVC. Asp.net mvc development company has developed websites for several companies based on the ASP.NET programming language.


1)It is an open source and cross-platform network.

2)Quite easy to set up and has the flexibility to add and remove the features easily.

3)Very compatible with the .NET frameworks


1)It lacks some of the basic features and support from the community

2)It has multiple documentation gaps

3)Making changes in this framework is quite challenging


PHP stands for Hypertext Processor. It allows simple and easy coding techniques and is best for the beginners as well as professional programmers as it offers the advanced features. The code of PHP is processed by a PHP interpreter which is ultimately implemented as a module in the web server. Some of the major protocols like POP3, IMAP and LDAP are well supported by PHP. 

PHP has several free and open-source libraries, thus it can be said that it has a well supported eco-system. PHP is said to be adopted by many business firms in the near future.


1)The PHP framework supports faster development which meets the rapid change in the demand of the market.

2)It is supported by a huge community of developers who can help whenever one needs it.

3)It maintains the security protocols.


1)It lacks the ability to resolve the particular issue

2)The process of execution is slower in PHP in comparison to others


Both of the programming frameworks are great in different aspects but each one of them has some advantage over the other. So, if one has to decide on which one to select then one should have a better understanding of what are the benefits of respective languages. Below mentioned are the different parameters on which these two languages are compared:

1)Speed and Performance

The performance of any framework depends on the way of coding and not on the language used. If compared, then it can be said that ASP.NET performs better in comparison to PHP as it allows parallel programming which is not supported by PHP.

Hence, to conclude, ASP.NET has decent and fast enough speed for desktop applications while PHP is not suitable and slower for desktop applications.

2) Support system

As PHP is open source and available for free, thus it has a large number of users as well as a big community to support. PHP is that widely used language that one can easily find the active PHP developers in different forums who are open to give free guidance, suggestion, and support to other PHP developers.

It does not mean that ASP.NET does not have that support system but they have a very closed group of highly dedicated developers.

Hence, to conclude, ASP.NET has a dedicated community which consists of fewer developers only. PHP is supported by a large community.

3) Cost Factor

As PHP is an open and free source of development framework, thus there is no cost involved here. While ASP.NET is owned by Microsoft and charges some amount of hosting fee. Although the fee charged by ASP.NET is not that high, when one compares it with free availability of PHP then developers obviously are tilted towards PHP.

Hence, to conclude, license cost is attached with ASP.NET while PHP is freely available all over the web.

4) Security

Both the languages have their own security pattern. PHP provides various security tools while ASP. NET has a built-in security layer for example SQL Injection. Hence, ASP.NET injects the security parameter by default while coding while in PHP, they provide you with tools, you need to use it separately to secure your data.

Hence, to conclude, ASP.NET is highly secure while PHP has comparatively less built-in features in comparison to ASP.NET.

5) Popularity

Both the frameworks are widely used by the companies and below is the list of those companies which defines the popularity of the respective languages,

ASP.NET- Visual Studio, GoDaddy, DELL, Diply.com, Taco Bell, Microsoft

PHP- Flickr, Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress.com, Mailchimp, iStockphoto

The above defines that the majority of the popular websites are developed in PHP only. Also, PHP is leading in Top 10K sites, Top 100K sites and Top 1 million Sites as well as the entire Web. And ASP.NET lags behind PHP in this parameter.

6) Suitability for usage

PHP is mostly suitable for the startups and small businesses, the independent software vendors, CRMs, Websites dealing in billing and Invoicing. While ASP.NET is suitable for large enterprises, enterprise level CRMs, Intranet, ERP apps etc.

7) Customization

PHP is very flexible and allows customization, but it creates bugs, thus overall poor coding than .NET. On the other hand, ASP.NET is less prone to customization.


The above points makes it clear that PHP is widely preferred by people over ASP.NET as it is freely accessible, easy to start with and is backed up by huge community support. PHP can be considered as a mix of programming language and a web framework while ASP.NET is a framework for developing an application. In short, both the languages work efficiently, and it completely depends on the size and requirement of the business that which programming would they like to go ahead with.

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