Shorty Bunk Beds – For Smaller Children

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 440 total views Bunk beds for boys are becoming popular these days. There are various bunk bed retailers around us. A quick search online would throw up many options in the search box. It is best to get quotes from several of them. There may be additional costs involved with putting them up. Finance charges, delivery charges, and assembly charges have to be taken into account. It is very common for the manufacturer to include a ladder in the form of rails on the sides of the bunk beds for little…

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What To Look For In A Princess Bunk Bed

Bunk beds

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 1,085 total views When I was a child, my little girl would have her princess bed almost ready to go. She would be so happy to have it when it came time for her to go to sleep. But, I would hear her crying out in the back of the room and I knew I had to do something to help her before she hurt herself or lost her mind. This is why I always put a night light on her  triple sleeper bunk bed. Bunk beds are designed for kids…

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