Decorating Your Home With Small Planters for Succulents

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 1,117 total views Decorating your home can be an easy, quick process that takes very little effort to pull off. It can be especially easy to decorate when you really just want a few details here and there to fill out a space and make everything look a little bit nicer. Just the addition of a few, stylish, well-cared-for plant pots can lift up the mood in the space and make it all seem much more attractive to the homeowner as well as any guests that visit. As you shop around…

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Why You Should Trust in Copper Flower Boxes

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 451 total views Passionate home gardeners and decorators usually realize that they have a personal preference for the styles of planters that they use. When working with plants, eagerly watching them grow, plant lovers will seek out the best planters they can find to dress up their beloved plant life and keep them safely contained. They want to find planters that coordinate well with each other in a limited space, flatter the plants they hold, and look nice on their own as subtle home decor. Whether you maintain a large outdoor…

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Ideas for Decorating With Tabletop Patio Torches

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 163 total views Decorating your patio can be a very fun time for those of us who enjoy the process of home decorating and mapping out where everything is supposed to go. It is a different experience from decorating the inside of your home which has some very different needs to keep in mind since you will have appliances and fixtures to work around/with. Your patio area is sort of a clean slate outdoors. You can do whatever you want with it really to make it a fun little retreat for…

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Decorate Your Home Using Entryway Planters

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 46 total views As much effort as you put into stylizing your home decor, and creating the garden of your dreams in the backyard, you should remember one more thing. The front entryway of your home matters too. While the inside of your home and your backyard might be reserved more for close family and friends than strangers, the front of your home is a friendly sight for anyone in the neighborhood or just passing through. You might want to do a little more with it to make it more charming…

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What Makes A Patio Torch So Special?

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 147 total views When people think of torches, often what comes to mind are cinematic visions of tiki torches at a tropical celebration or people holding smaller torches as they explore dark and mysterious caves. However, those who do not envision the homey landscape of a yard filled with incandescent light, are surely missing out. A patio torch does not belong in a dark, scary cave on film, but in your own yard, lighting the familiar space with a soft glow. Create an ambiance in your backyard with some well-placed patio…

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Choosing the Garden Trellis of Your Dreams

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 98 total views So you’re thinking about adding a garden trellis to your yard but don’t know that much about what’s out there for you. No worries. A trellis is a beautiful decorative element to add to your garden space that will not only stand alone as a lovely centerpiece or feature but as the perfect frame for the plants you want to show off. Trellises come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and designs; maybe more than you anticipated. That’s alright. We are going to take some time to…

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Three Interesting Uses for an Iron Trellis

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 190 total views Anyone who will tell you that a trellis is just a trellis clearly has never gotten creative with their home decor. At the very least it can be said that a trellis can be a tool both for purpose and decoration. With a little bit of insight and some time spent shopping for the right model for your home, you can really come up with some unique ways to work an iron trellis in your home. Among the models that you can find at H Potter are many…

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