5 Things Every Orthopedic EMR Should Have?

Orthopedic EMR reviews

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 24 total views Orthopedic EMR; What is it? You might be wondering what an Orthopedic EMR in particular does since most practitioners are aware of what an EMR software in general is capable of but rarely do people think about specialized EMRs within medicine. As an Orthopedic surgeon you have to deal with and treat disorders pertaining to the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and mus+cles in the human body.  Thus similarly, an Orthopedic EMR in specific deals with workflows for the particular specialization, templates made for procedures which are common in…

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Allscripts EMR vs AdvancedMD EHR Software

AdvancedMD EHR Software

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 34 total views What is an EMR system? An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software provides a digital record of patients’ medical histories and allows an accurate and swift exchange of information to other specialists, laboratories and pharmacies. Modern EMR softwares are equipped with patient management, practice management, telehealth, billing mechanism and revenue management systems to give users complete control over their operations. The need for an EMR system is now more than ever because of increased vulnerabilities due to Covid-19 and lockdowns. Such a system will enable users to provide prompt…

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Pros and Cons of Athena EMR

Athena EHR

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 32 total views All you need to know about Athena EHR Athena health is an award-winning provider of medical software’s that prides itself on being the industry disrupter. The company claims to have a network of over 160,000 clients along with 117 million patients distributed all over the country. Not only that but it is one of the largest Electronic Health Record (EHR) companies in terms of employee headcount – more than 6,000 workers are currently employed.  The versatile system comprises 5 modules; Athena Collector, Athena Coordinator, Athena Clarity, Athena Clinicals,…

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