What Social Network Fits you Best?

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 139 total views Due to confinement, social networks have experienced a logical increase in their use, especially by adolescents. This fact has also affected a greater use of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktops. In a previous article we told you how age influenced the use of one social network or another; Today it’s time to talk about which one best suits you according to your interests. These are some examples: Facebook    Most of us began to discover social networks through this university-based platform, created by the American Mark Zuckerberg , a story that was even made into a movie…

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Threats are always a Business Opportunity

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 18 total views The digital transformation is here to stay with us definitely. The coronavirus crisis has caused an urgent need for the digital transformation of small and medium businesses. It is curious that in all the economic crises we have experienced, there have always been business niches that have benefited greatly from it and survival options available. Those who were digitally transformed years ago and anticipated the situation, today are not paying it as expensive as others or have even been further strengthened in sales . This is what is happening with digital business and technologies. Online Digital Training…

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