An Effective Cruelty-Free Face Wash With Kaolin Clay

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 583 total views It’s only natural to have high expectations when it comes to your face scrubs, cleansers, moisturizers, and other skincare products. Anything that has to be massaged into our face should be formulated with top-quality ingredients that are both gentle and effective. Kaolin clay is one safe substance that is growing in usage lately, finding its way into a wide variety of skincare products. It is a white clay that is often used to cleanse the skin of excess oil. If you are interested in adding a high-quality cruelty-free…

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Rest Easy With Cozy Sustainable Sleepwear

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 110 total views Sleepwear, pajamas, and loungewear usually fall into the same category of clothing: they are pretty much interchangeably worn in most indoor settings and are great for sleeping in or just lounging around in. However, if you’re looking for clothes that are not only comfy but are designed with the environment in mind as well, you may want to consider sustainable sleepwear. Sustainable fashion has made some headway in the past few years to combat the ever surmounting problems the fast fashion industry has caused. Although fast fashion clothes,…

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