Read these facts before planning for Gay surrogacy in Kenya

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 354 total views Due to cheap surrogacy plans and medical services, Kenya always stands as the most preferred choice for most of the child seeking couples around the world. Still, when it comes to same sex parenting or Gay surrogacy, the couples may find certain issues and barriers here. Kenya is a homophobic country that keeps an ominous perspective towards Gay Surrogacy. Hence, if you are a gay couple that is planning to proceed with a surrogacy arrangement in Kenya, you must read this blog till the end. Is same sex…

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5 key points to consider before connecting with a surrogacy agency

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 287 total views Regardless of the fact whether you are an intended parent or an imminent surrogate mother; you generally need to ensure that you are dealing with the right and the best surrogacy agency. While the surrogacy cycle may sound like a tough assignment demanding a ton of expectations and time from your end, dealing with the accompanying elements can unquestionably help you in similar respects. 1. Reputation and experience of the surrogacy agency With an ever increasing number of couple opting for gestational surrogacy to seek after their parenthood…

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How to Prevent Sexual Assault of Minors?

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 515 total views Child sexual abuse could be defined as ”all sexual activity with or without violence between an adult and a minor, or between two minors, when one exercises power over the other”.  According to Sunil Kilaru child fondling occurs between a child and an adult (who may be one of his or her parents, stepparents or perpetrators of the child or any other adult in his or her family). It includes both the acts that the adult can perform to obtain sexual stimulation or gratification, as well as the…

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Surrogacy: an alternative to natural conception

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 300 total views The blessed are the ones who enjoy becoming parents. There are many couples who after many years of their marriage could not enjoy parenthood. But they do not leave hope. They go for many other conventional fertility treatments like IVF etc. but when these technologies also fail to deliver, the only alternative to enjoy the blissful echoes of the child in the house is surrogacy. Surprisingly, this is not legal in many countries and the government of that nation does not give permission to its citizens to opt…

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How can a business attorney help you to grow your business?

Nj Ayuk

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 442 total views Whether its small or big, established or a startup, your business required two key profiles in it: an accountant and an attorney. Accountant, obviously, helps you to be up-to-date with investments and revenues. How much you gain and invest is all a part of the work of an accountant. Whereas, a business attorney can help you handle all legal functions related to your business. See, it doesn’t matter how sharply or neatly you work, there are still plenty of things that need legal advice. At this moment, you…

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How crypto currency has brought a revolutionary change in the functioning of global financial markets?

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 310 total views In the course of recent years, Crypto currencies like bitcoin have left an undeniable impact on the global financial markets around. Regardless of the fact that most of the people around are yet to understand the whole mechanism behind crypto currency, the development is positively taking the world towards a highly developed digital economy in times to come. Still, there are different segments that are influencing the overall popularity and significance of the crypto currency world. Ronny tome, the man behind the launch of highly recognised Ducatus crypto…

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Top 5 best PPE kit vendors to deal with in the USA

personal protective equipment

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 262 total views The pandemic situation that arose out of the COVID 19 crisis has triggered a big surge in the overall demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) all over the world. People are running to shops, markets, and online stores to stock themselves with enough supplies of masks, sanitizers, gloves, handwash, and so on. To ensure that you never run out of options to buy this protective equipment and products, we hereby provide you with the list of some of the best personal protective equipment gears in the USA. Recommended…

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4 Key factors to consider before investing in real estate

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 390 total views Thinking of buying a real estate property and don’t know how to proceed? Hang on with us until the end of this blog as we will get all your questions answered in the same context. Investing in real estate is a once in a lifetime decision and everyone must give it proper thought and planning before going forward. Even Njock Ajuk Eyong, who has made his name amongst the topmost real estate consultants in Africa, agrees to the same point. As per Njock Ajuk Eyong lawyer, any person…

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How bringing certain changes to your dietary pattern can do some big wonders for your health?

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 379 total views A lot of people think about pursuing a healthy diet but not each of them thinks about it in a practical manner. Now, this is where most of them get off from these diet plans without any major success. Mohsen motamedian export who has made some big names in the health and nutrition domain also talks about the significance of practical thinking while getting along with any specific diet plan.  Furthermore, he talks about looking at the following factors while thinking of getting along with any diet plan.…

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Hydropower must be looked forward to as the most efficient future energy source: NJ Ayuk

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 383 total views While many have talked about the significance and benefits of renewable sources of energy like solar and wind, not many have paid attention to the other bets alternative- hydro energy. On the other side, a major part of the earth is covered by water and this is where the same energy source can be used to fulfil the rising energy demands of people around. NJ Ayuk, one of the most talked-about energy experts from Africa, also talks about in the same respect. As per him, it’s about time…

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