What will the digitization of the chemical industry mainly affect?


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 1,159 total views Historically, the chemical industry has covered almost all the digital innovations related to the industry. The digitization of the chemical industry will have a major impact: Productivity and efficiency – improve competitive advantage and reduce costs through optimized operations Innovation – improve R & D efficiency and shorten the time to market Data management and analysis – optimize product development through understanding of customers Workforce – change tasks, opportunities and job requirements Product offering – Digital improves product performance, especially in markets close to end customers We explored…

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Mehrere Schritte von online auto kaufe

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 73 total views Die neuesten Nachrichten über die Coronavirus-Krankheit 2019: Die Epidemie der 2019 Coronavirus-Krankheit hat den Autokauf in vielerlei Hinsicht verändert.Sie sind wahrscheinlicher, um remote online auto kaufe zu wählen.Das bedeutet, dass Sie Ihr Auto testen können, ein Darlehen beantragen, einen Vertrag in einem komfortablen Zuhause unterschreiben können.Fragen Sie diese Option, wenn Sie mit dem Händler sprechen. Sie können feststellen, dass aufgrund der Abnahme der Lagerbestände, gibt es weniger Rabatte als zuvor.Viele Automobilfabriken in der Welt haben noch keine Volllastproduktion erreicht. Schließlich kann die Zahl der Beschäftigten im Autohaus aufgrund…

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The possibility of digital transformation in the chemical industry

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 59 total views Digitalization has the ability to completely change the way of work, communication, innovation, production and consumption in the chemical industry and the whole society. It can bring unprecedented transparency to the value chain. In the latest Mid Century Vision document molecular managers, Cefic predicted that by 2050, data will replace oil as the most valuable commodity. The possibility of digital transformation From data mining to artificial intelligence (AI), from predictive maintenance to data-based process management, digital forms can change the chemical industry. It can achieve key social changes,…

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Carmakers rolled out 5 of the best car deals

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 148 total views After March this year, “crazy March” will not have the same voice again. Monthly and first quarter sales will be announced next week, but the results are clear: worse, worse, worse. One bright spot in the generally bleak market environment is that if you are in the market, this is a great time to buy a 2019 model year car at a low price. according to Cars.com Statistics show that the inventory of vehicles in 2019 is about 267000. We are not opening up new areas. The rest…

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Chemical manufacturer calls for sustainability and recycling

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 72 total views The challenges of raw material procurement, uncertain trade and tax policies, new forms of competition and more demanding consumers. These trends are coming together and putting a lot of pressure on chemical manufacturer. Although most companies have responded to the call to adapt to this era, a small number of innovative companies are emerging. We call them chemistry champions. Call for sustainable development and recycling Chemical manufacturers are facing huge challenges. Trade and taxation have become more complex, policies uncertain, and government regulations strict. The competition is more…

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Chemical companies use technology to better meet customer needs

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 95 total views The diversified customer base of the chemical industry protects it from fluctuations in one or another customer industry, helps stabilize revenue, and improves resilience in times of recession and crisis. But when it comes to customer centricity, this broad customer base may have a significant drawback. For many chemical companies, it is a trend to improve efficiency by providing quite similar products and services to customers in different industries. This may mean that they are sometimes unable to meet the specific needs of specific industries and customers. In…

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Get the best car deals and loans

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 199 total views More and more Americans are trying to repay car deals and loans on time. Although this figure is still low, it must be on the rise. To get the best car deals and loans, you need to do enough homework. Here are five things you should do: check your credit report. A report was obtained from three major credit reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. use annualcreditreport.com The website, which was established by the federal government for this purpose. Credit.com Gerri detwailer, consumer education director at the U…

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What creates the advantage of chemical suppliers products?

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 87 total views Until recently, differences in TSR across regions and subsectors followed a predictable pattern. Among all regions, chemical suppliers in emerging markets have the highest returns, while agrochemicals and fertilizers have the highest returns in all industries. But in the last five years, things have changed. Although there are still some emerging market companies whose five-year TSR is close to or more than 30%, there are also quite a number of emerging market companies whose five-year TSR is negative. As a result, the five-year average TSR of emerging market…

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Chemical suppliers take advantage of dynamics that are changing the industry landscape

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 72 total views Control the new wave of market growth Secondly, the existing chemical suppliers must look beyond the local market and consider how to take advantage of the dynamic changing industry pattern – the rise of chemical production in countries with raw material advantages and the shift of demand growth to emerging markets. Established companies have to ask themselves how they can unite with new players, whether to build business in resource rich countries, or build capacity in China and other high growth markets, or both. Then they have to…

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Using digital technology to make chemical companies sale processes more efficient

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 203 total views How to optimize To choose the focus of digital efforts, chemical companies can look at the size of each opportunity and consider how to apply it to their business: The service cost can be reduced by 15% to 50% through e-commerce, process digitization and the use of big data to allocate sales personnel. By seizing this direct benefit, a typical company can save enough money to fund the rest of its digital transformation – and create enough purchases and incentives to maintain momentum. This opportunity is the largest…

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