The 3 Steps To Aligning Native Advertising With Your Buyer Journey

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 99 total views The native advertising is one of the formats fashionable in recent years. And yet many marketers still aren’t realizing their full potential. In my experience, a lot of the sponsored content that I see on my favorite sites can be uninteresting, which means that the advertiser is wasting time and money. To prevent this from being your case, the key is to  adapt your native advertising to the buyer journey . We tell you how. How the buyer journey affects your native advertising The  buyer journey  or customer journey represents the stages that your potential customer goes…

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10 Applications of Data Science in Marketing

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 106 total views In digital marketing, we live in the age of data. We can get a lot of incredible information about each user, practically in real time. But now, our challenge is knowing how to apply all this information to our marketing objectives. The data science is the discipline that is responsible for processing all this data and turn it into insights that help us improve our marketing. We are still discovering the tip of the iceberg of everything we can do with them, so there is a lot of exciting news awaiting us in the coming…

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