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Everyone is aware that the Forex market is, indeed, the largest financial market on the planet. The foreign exchange traders have a lot of potential in this market to reap profits. Beginners in this field are eager to learn everything there is to know about Forex in general from professionals with vast experience.

Nevertheless, there is one crucial fact that many enthusiasts underestimate. The fact is about how easy one can enter the market due to relatively low costs, significant leverage, and the round-the-clock sessions, but also how quickly can leave the market after many disappointing setbacks and losses. 

So, the question is, what makes the best Forex broker in the worldwide market? What are the key elements that will stop one from losing money in Forex? We have provided you with several tips from professionals that will help you avoid losing money in this particular financial market. 

#1 Learn about Forex – be always well-prepared

Although it may sound like a cliche, doing your homework before getting into Forex trading and its market can be challenging and crucial for success. Although Forex trading can seem easy at first glance, that’s not enough to become a professional forex broker.

There are a lot of things that one forex broker must know, especially when it comes to economic and geopolitical factors that are affecting the preferred currencies of one trader. 

The Forex market conditions are constantly changing, and to adapt to these changes, regulations, and events that occur worldwide, one forex broker must create its trading plan. It will eventually help you avoid significant money losses in the future. 

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#2 Take advantage of the practice account

We all know the saying ‘Practice makes perfect. In correlation to that, many broker platforms offer practice accounts called demo or simulated accounts. Traders can place their hypothetical trades without a fundable account. 

The best thing about this type of account is that it allows traders to develop their order-entry techniques and become very skilled. Practice accounts are generally recommended for beginners to avoid many mistakes. For example, multiple errors in order entry can lead to major trade losses, which can be devastating. 

#3 Find a reputable broker to save the money

Finding a reputable broker is one of the most important things that will help you avoid losing money. Ensure to open an account with a firm registered with the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) as a futures commission merchant. It’s also important that this firm is a part of the NFA (National Futures Association).

The main reason why Forex Traders should open accounts with a firm with these conditions is due to concerns about deposits and savings. Also, traders should research each broker’s account offerings (commissions, initial deposits, leverage, spreads, etc.)

#4 Use a reasonable amount of leverage

Forex trading appears to be very attractive to many traders because they can achieve significant profits with relatively small investments. The role of leverage is essential because forex trading is unique in the amount of leverage available for its participants. 

So, if one trader properly uses leverage, he can expect potential growth. Traders control the amount of leverage they use, thanks to basing position size on the account balance. 

#5 Keeping good records is the key

Clearly, one of the most essential things to do is keep good records to learn from your successes and failures in forex trading. Keeping a journal about profits, losses, used instruments, own performances, emotions, etc. It can all be crucial for the good development of one forex broker. 

Without keeping records in a journal, forex traders can keep making the same mistakes from the past, preventing them from becoming professional, successful forex traders in the future! Keep that in mind! 


To become a very successful broker, it is essential to apply these tips. It is equally important that he knows the tax impact and how to treat it, to start small when going live, and to protect his own trading account. 

Be patient, intelligent, confident, and persistent. That’s the perfect combination for success!

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