Looking for a back pain doctor? Hold on! Get a look at where to go first. It is a pile of branches in health care which deals with back pain, and all perform a somewhat different function. It will be great to get the idea of where to go first or otherwise, and it will take too much of your time, effort and money. The most suitable sort of healthcare specialist – or group of medical practitioners – is determined primarily by the patient’s medical symptoms and the duration of the problems.

The many sorts of medical practitioners that handle back pain likely to have a wide range of training and skills. Though it is usual, to begin with, something like a primary care physician, if the patient’s back issue persists, the expertise of a spine practitioner may be required.

Level of Back Pain

Back pain is among the most frequent health conditions worldwide. It might fluctuate from mild, persistent aching to severe, stabbing pain, making it extremely difficult for any movement. According to some sources, back pain may be divided into two categories: 

  1. Acute pain – Acute pain occurs abruptly after a fall or pulling something weighty and can last no more than.
  • Chronic pain – Chronic pain frequently develops gradually and can last for more than four months.

A multitude of factors can cause either acute or chronic back problems. As a result, relying on the reason for your back pain, you may wind up consulting a range of experts.

Stepwise treatment for a better and best result

  • Step 1 – Consulting the primary health care provider

The primary health care provider may include your family doctor or a general physician available in your locality or primary healthcare centres. Usually, it is the wisest option to consult the primary health worker when back pain or discomfort arises. 

The Miami’s Back Pain Doctor will examine the problem on the first look and may recommend pain relievers, instruct some basic exercises, or refer you to a specialist depending on the severity of your back pain. Based on the basic diagnosis done by the primary doctor, he will recommend the subject specialist like Pediatrician, orthopedist, rheumatologist, neurologist, neurosurgeon, physiatrist, chiropractor, anesthesiologist, etc. with specific short of back pain


  • Step 2 – Consulting to the specialist as recommended by the primary doctor

These groups of doctors are more specialized in their profession. They will examine the severity of back pain by conducting various tests and relying on the results. The specialist either refer you for surgery or to a therapist.

Usually, a doctor tries to make it simple and easy by recommending physical therapy and some medication, but if the pain lasts longer than expected, they will proceed for surgery which would generally be avoided but held in some extreme situations. The specialist physician after that may recommend you some exercise under the supervision of some physical therapist.

  • Step 3 – Approaching a Physical therapist (physiotherapist)

This could be Step 2; the primary physician may refer the patient directly to a therapist after some basic examinations depending on your back pain problem.

The physical therapist helps the patient in curbing from pain without medication or surgery. Primarily kinds of physiotherapy are divided into, i.e. passive and active physiotherapy. Passive therapy includes putting heat or ice packs and massage, while active physiotherapy includes physical exercise like yoga and stretching. 

Word to end

The back pain problem is common everywhere. Still, people usually ignore it in the first instance that could make the situation severe. It is better to consult the family doctor when back pain arises.

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