Bahria Town Karachi 2: Latest Payment plan and Development update  


Introduction Karachi’s Bahria Town 2

Following Bahria Town Karachi’s enormous success, the management has revealed plans to build Bahria Town Karachi 2, another massive project in the city of Karachi. This wonderful housing society is now under construction and promises to provide the populace with top-notch infrastructure.

For individuals who wish to enjoy the best living conditions, BTK 2 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You will be able to live in your dream home thanks to this housing development’s availability to everything from cutting-edge technology to facilities of the highest international standards. High-end residential properties are available in this remarkable housing development in Karachi, which also includes a variety of recreational amenities like dining, shopping, and a commercial area in one accessible location.


Developers and owners of Bahria Town Karachi 2 are Bahria Town (PVT) Ltd. The Chairman, Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain, and the Chief Executive, Mr. Ahmad Ali Riaz Malik, are in charge of this renowned company.

This magnificent housing development combines residential and commercial areas to provide a comfortable lifestyle under one roof with cutting-edge amenities and to ensure the highest standard of living. This housing initiative includes both apartments and villas.

Bahria Town (Pvt) Limited

One of the most recognised and prosperous businesses in Pakistan is Bahria Town. In Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Nawab Shah, and Islamabad, this outstanding organisation has finished some lavish and amazing constructions.

Prior initiatives Bahria Enclave Islamabad

  • Muslim Town of Bahria
  • Karachi’s Bahria Town
  • Lahor’s Bahria Town
  • Pearl House, Karachi
  • Nawab Shah of Bahria Town
  • Opal 225, Pakistan
  • Tower of the Bahria
  • Karachi’s Bahria Town 2

Payment Schedule for Bahria Town Karachi 2

The Bahria Town Karachi 2 Payment Plan is reasonably affordable. 40% of the development work is finished even before the product launches, which is fantastic news for investors. The remaining social development is progressing quickly.Bahria Town Karachi 2 is a notable housing development in Karachi’s real estate history. The designers of Bahria Town Karachi 2 have been working tirelessly to provide a secure and lavish lifestyle for its inhabitants. One of the highly sought-after places for buyers and investors is Bahria Town Karachi. Due to its high investment returns, it is a fantastic investment opportunity and has everything one could possibly need to live a lavish life.

Launching and Development update  of Bahria Town Karachi 2:

The most talked-about issue in Karachi’s real estate market is the society’s precise debut date. The inauguration of this outstanding project is eagerly anticipated by every investor and prospective buyer. The Bahria Town administration said in a recent news release that this project will outperform Bahria Town Karachi and all of the company’s earlier endeavours. The construction of these homes began on January 5, 2023. There are 2 Bahria Town plots for sale on the marketplace. 

The following sectors have been assigned to this impressive housing project:

Sector A of BTK 2

Sector B of BTK 2

Residential Plots BTK 2 Sector C Bahria Town Karachi

The following are the plot sizes:

250 square feet 125 square feet

500 square feet

1 square metre

2 Commercial Plots in Bahria Town, Karachi

The following are the plot sizes:

250 square feet 125 square feet

Apartments in Bahria Town Karachi 2

The sizes of the apartments are as follows:

2-bedroom houses

3-bedroom houses

4-bedroom houses

Villas in Bahria Town, Karachi

These are the sizes of the villas:

125 yards square


The Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) and the Sindh Department of Agriculture (SDA) have given their approval for Bahria Town Karachi 2 NOC. Any housing society is legalised by the NOC, which also increases its chances of success and attracts a lot of investment.

Since legalization has a significant impact on the whole development, the NOC approval is the first thing that comes to the management’s thoughts. The Bahria Town Karachi 2 NOC approval gives the management confidence that residents will enjoy first-rate living conditions.

Location of Bahria Town Karachi 2 City and Map

Bahria Town Karachi 2 is in an excellent location because it is close to the Main Super Highway in Karachi and the Karachi-Hyderabad M9 Motorway. The Bahria Town Karachi 2 Map will provide you precise directions to go to your destination, making it fairly simple to understand.


The following locations and landmarks are close to the housing society:

Town of Gadap Gulshan-e-Iqbal

Bahria Town Karachi Phase 1 Blue World City Shah Faisal Town Bin Qasim Town Nooriabad Phase 3 SUI Northern Base Camp HUB Dam Wildlife Sanctuary. For more info about bahria town Karachi 2 location contact us on this link.

Amenities Offered

Among the top amenities that Bahria Town Karachi 2 has pledged are safety, security, top-notch features, and an ideal location. It is guarded by a committed security crew that works around the clock, and it also uses cutting-edge technology for the garbage disposal system to provide the inhabitant’s peace of mind. The finest medical and educational institutions in the world are also part of this progress.


 BAHRIA TOWN KARACHI 2 Professionals full of competence in different industries are creating the Bahria Town Karachi 2 Masterplan to provide a world-class infrastructure with the best amenities. The management has hired an extremely talented group of engineers and architects to ensure there are no loose ends. 

The 4,756 acres of land being prepped for building are covered by the Bahria Town Karachi 2 Masterplan. A sizable piece of land has been bought for the construction of apartments and businesses. To Reserve Your Plots at Bahria Town Karachi 2, please contact us.

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