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Balanced nutrition is a significant part of a toddler’s growth and development. During this age, children get actively acquainted with the surrounding world because their cognitive and physical development is very quick. Balanced nutrition provides toddlers with the necessary energy and nutrients. Snacks are an important component of a toddler’s balanced diet. So, which snacks can be healthy and tasty for children from 1 to 3 years?  

Fruits and berries 

Fruits and berries are an excellent choice for toddlers as a snack. They consist of many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which support the immune system and health in general. According to the likings of the toddler, fruits, and berries can be served in different variations. You could give the chopped fruit slices as a snack or, for example, make a smoothie or puree. If you don’t have an opportunity or time to make it yourself, you could consider commercial baby foods. Brand Holle has a great variety of healthy snacks for babies. Holle’s organic fruit purée pouch with yogurt is suitable for a mixed weaning diet from 8 months. Some of the products are suitable even for babies from 6 months. The product line offers a mix of organic fruits, berries, and vegetables such as blueberry, banana, apple, pear, peach, raspberry, spinach, and carrot. 

Whole-grain foods

Carbohydrates are one of the head sources of energy for babies. The whole-grain food as a snack will provide toddlers with a stable sugar level in their blood and long-term satiety. You can use whole-grain bread or cereals for such snacks. Also, there is a great variety of commercial baby foods, such as cereals and porridges. Holle provides a great variety of choices that could become your favorites when it comes to cereals. Among porridges, there are oatmeal, rice, millet, semolina, tapioca, and 3-grain porridges. You can find milk cereal with millet, spelt, and bananas choosing cereals. Also, the brand Holle offers Junior multigrain Muesli with cornflakes and fruits, which are suitable for 10 months babies. 

To-go snacks

The toddler’s day can be very active. That is why it is crucial to provide the child with a healthy snack to fulfill the energy, for example, during a walk or play outside. Holle Snack – Mini-Baby Rusks (12+ Months) is the perfect choice for on-the-go situations. This snack works as a healthy option for in-between meal nourishment. Another convenient option can be Holle Snack Bars (12+ Months) with pear and apple; or carrot and apple. These kinds of snacks can usually be considered unhealthy, but not with Holle. These snack bars have no added sugar and only contain naturally occurring ones, no chemicals or preservatives. It has only organic ingredients for optimal nutrition, growth, and development of your toddler.


Do not be afraid to experiment with tastes and textures. Gradually introduce new snacks into the child’s diet, allowing it to develop its preferences. Balanced nutrition is key to optimal baby growth and development. Remember that snacks should be tasty and healthy at the same time. That is why it is better to avoid eating harmful sweets and stale products because a balanced approach to a child’s nutrition will help toddlers become healthy and active adults in the future.

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