Let’s face it, you probably won’t be able to spend your day without downloading software, apps, photos, videos, and anything else you can think of. It’s always nice to have something new, but sometimes the thing is, the download takes so long and no one wants to waste time waiting for the download to complete, especially if they have a lot to do. Also, there are times when you notice that what you’ve downloaded is most likely not working because the download was taking a long time. Thus, you will feel frustrated. What’s more, slow downloads affect the overall performance of your PC, so you need to make sure you fix the problem quickly.

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Reasons for slow loading

There are several reasons for slow loading, some of them are as follows:

* Your driver files were not updated;

* Your internet connection is slow;

* You are using too many applications at the same time;

* Your modem or router does not work or “hangs”;

* The person who downloaded the files you are about to download is using the bandwidth limiter;

* You are using a wireless connection;

* Exceeded the maximum bandwidth;

* Or the site or person you are trying to download from is slightly further away from you. This usually happens when using torrents.

what do you want to do

If you hate slow downloads and want to get rid of this problem permanently, here’s what you need to do:

* Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtests. Go to cbn speedtest.net and check your upload and download speeds. Normal ping speed should be 100ms or at least 50% of the speed offered by your ISP. If you see the numbers below, check if your torrent services are downloading items without your knowledge. Stop any unnecessary actions. Also, close any other programs you don’t need.

* Don’t download too many when you have a lot of apps and tabs. People love multitasking a lot these days, so they think it’s good for them to keep uploading files all the time, even if they’re working on other things. This is mistake. You should keep in mind that if you want faster boot times, you must make sure that your downloads do not slow down your network and your computer, so it will be better to boot when you are away from your computer or when you are sleeping. at night, in the evening. This will allow the system to focus only on loading and not on anything else.

* Reset modems or routers. Sometimes these services freeze right away and you need to restart them to get them working again, which also happens when your Internet connection stops working for some reason. Disconnect the power adapters and computer cables to restart the system. Remember to only unplug the adapters for two to five seconds and then plug them back in. Make sure it doesn’t take too long.

* Choose a wired connection. Wired connections are still much better than wireless ones, especially when speed is the main issue. Wired connections can provide speeds of up to 100 Mbps, and wireless ones – at least 60 Mbps, which cannot be considered very fast. Wired connections also provide better security.

* Check if you need to download new driver files. If your device manufacturer requires you to download updated driver files, do so. This is necessary in order for your computer to perform better, so that the download speed increases faster.

* Check information. When downloading from sites, check the location of the site or the location of the person who downloaded the file to know if you are in the same area. If that person is too far away from you, it’s best to find another person or site to download.

* Or contact your internet service provider. Sometimes it is necessary to reset the main connection, in which case you need to contact your ISP to do all the work for you.

Downloads mostly work in daily life these days and therefore you only need to learn how to increase the download speed on your computer. After all, if the download speed is fast, your computer will also run faster and you will also be able to better enjoy what you download. Remember these tips.

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