Barca won dramatically with 3 penalties and 5 goals


Two penalties in four minutes! One was used by Levante, the other was blocked by Mark-Andre Ter Stegen. Barcelona went ahead with two goals in four minutes. Later, they feared losing points with another penalty gift to the opponent. However, the last goal of Luke de Young gave the team a comfortable victory.

Barcelona beat Levante, the 19th team in the La Liga points table, 3-2 on Sunday night. Leaving Sevilla behind, they have risen to number two again.

Three penalties and five goals in this eventful match – all in the second half.

Last week, in the first leg of the Europa League quarter-finals, Eintracht drew 1-1 at Frankfurt, but Barcelona maintained their winning streak in the league. Shavi’s team won six matches in a row. And all the competitions remained unbeaten in 15 consecutive matches (11 wins and 4 draws).

Earlier this season, Levante drew against top teams like Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid at home, and even lost to Atletico Madrid. This time they lost at the last moment against Barcelona hoping to get points.

Great game in the first half Levante got the first chance in the fourth minute. Goalkeeper Ter Stegen saved a low shot from Spanish midfielder Jose Campana from 20 yards out.

Although Barcelona was ahead in possession of the ball, they could not take advantage of the attack in the beginning. Ferran Torres got a good chance in the 21st minute. He stepped into the D-box with Ter Stegen’s extended ball, but the young Spanish forward took a shot alongside the goalkeeper.

His only goal was to save Barcelona from defeat at Aintracht Frankfurt last Thursday.

Levante midfielder Jose Luis Morales showed surprise in the 26th minute. He took a shot from the front of the six-yard box, cutting three of Barcelona’s dribbling, touching the hand of Ter Stegen, who was coming forward, and was about to get caught in the net even though the speed of the ball slowed down. Eric Garcia cleared from the goal line.

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In the fourth minute of the second half, Usman Dembele’s cross was blocked by the Levant goalkeeper. The referee blew the whistle for the penalty when Dani Alves fouled the opponent’s defender Son in the D-box. Morales took the spot kick ahead of the hosts.

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